Tina Tallest Horse ? – Update


 Latest News Bulletin !!

July 28, 20078:35 PM ETNIOTA, Tenn. (AP) –

A Tennessee Shire horse may be the tallest horse in the world.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press is reporting that at an official measuring today, Jenson Diplomat Tina — known as Tina — measured 20 hands tall.

The current Guinness World Record holder is a Belgian draft horse named Radar. According to Radar’s Web site, he is about 79 and a half inches, that is more than 19 hands tall, but not quite 20.

Horses are measured along the front leg to the top of the shoulder.

Nearly 300 horse fans turned out to see Tina measured at her stable about 65 miles northeast of Chattanooga.

When her height was announced the crowd erupted in applause.

The documentation of her height will be sent to Guinness, based in London.

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While waiting for the official word from Guinness, check  out Tina’s daddy !


Tina came from Jenson’s Shires in Blair, Nebraska.




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  1. Way to go, Tina! and she’s not just big she’s pretty too.

  2. Risingrainbow is right, Tina IS pretty.

  3. wow! I would LOVE LOVE to ride Tina….she is gorgeous

  4. Size and beauty – everything a Shire should have!

  5. Tina is a beauty.
    I have been watching to see if she gets into the record books.
    I would love to give her a BIG HUG.


  6. wouldn’t you just love to play with her mane and braid her tail!!

  7. Hi Elaina,
    Well, after finding a ladder … that would be great fun!

  8. LOL that thing is huge 😉

  9. wow, i would love to ride her!

  10. I’ve got a 17h+ TB Gelding and he’s intimidating. Gentle, but intimidating. Tina must have such presence! Gorgeous!

  11. WOW!! she is a big girl but she is absolutely beautiful!! it has always been my dream to own a bigger horse like that….you are so lucky…but congradulations on having a horse like her…


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