Tevis Cup Endurance Race Won Twice By Fritz, the Half Blind Horse


 Marjorie Pryor, of Rough and Ready, and her Arabian gelding, Fritz, won the Tevis Cup in 1982 and 1983.  Fritz is the only horse in Tevis Cup history to win with sight in only one eye. 

Race Motto: To Finish Is To Win

 All you have to do in the endurance horse competition called the Tevis Cup is ride your horse over a mountainous one-hundred-mile course within a twenty four hour period gently enough so that when you arrive at the finish, a vet pronounces the animal completely fit.  Whether you are still fit apparently doesn’t matter.  

In California‘s Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe, riders from all over the world have gathered for fifty years to test their own and their horses’ stamina and courage in the Western States Trail Foundation’s famous Tevis Cup 100 Miles In One Day Endurance Ride.  

Considered one of the most challenging events in the world of equestrian sports, the Tevis Cup is the ultimate test to both horse and rider.

Entrants come from around the world. Some arrive to win, many come with just the hope of realizing their dream of simply finishing the race.

The Race That Endures

Tevis Cup Homepage


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  1. what kind of saddle did the winner of the tevis cup use?

  2. Hi Diane,
    Will find out what saddle Marge used and will post it here.

    As for most of the Tevis riders, it appears from the photographs that most are using Endurance or English saddles.

  3. Well done fritz.

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