Ebony’s Rapid Transit


Ebony on his 30th Birthday


He was a beautiful sight the first time we saw him grazing in the tall green grass. There was a peacefulness about him as he stood with his long black mane blowing in the wind.

He was a tall, dark, handsome Tennessee Walking Horse. There was a nobility about him… so proud, yet kind.

He looked up and saw us watching him. Slowly he walked towards the fence and rubbed his nose against our hands.

My husband grabbed a halter, jumped on his back and rode off into the distance. An hour later he returned and said this boy was coming home with us.

That day, Ebony became a very large part of our lives.  And for 25 years, we discovered the world together.


He was both a beauty and a joy to be around … a gentle soul,
calm and polite … always a gentleman.


His official name was Ebony’s Rapid Transit … and that he was.  He had the spirit of the wind.  Each ride was like a glide through the air and as smooth as silk.


We spent many wonderful hours riding the trails and the hilltops with all of nature surrounding us.

Often we could look down into the valleys and see groups of deer in the distance. Each ride was a memorable adventure.


Our memories of Ebony could fill the pages of the largest book.  He was so much a part of our everyday lives.


I’m not sure when I realized the rides had become slower or just when I noticed the gray on his face.  Ebony was now a wise old man.


Yet, to me he still had the same youthfulness and proud stature of years gone by.


More times were spent together in the barn, where we shared hours of long conversations about the good old days.


But, many things were no longer the same.


Our times were now spent walking side by side.


Each day was a gift.


Ebony was with us for 25 wonderful years.
It was more than love. We were companions.

On Christmas, at the age of 30, Ebony died in my arms.
He is still with us on the farm.

Goodnight sweet prince. 

For years, you carried me on your back
and now I carry you in my heart.


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  1. My condolences. God bless.

    Thanks, Paul.

  2. He was a beauty and such a special friend. You were lucky to have one another…truly.
    He is with you still…

    Warm Hugs,

    Thanks Sue, he was a wonderful friend.

  3. What a beautiful horse and lovely story. I only hope I can enjoy as many wonderful years with my horse as you did with yours.


    Michelle … You will have wonderful memories with your horse. They are the best companions.

  4. I am so sorry you have lost Ebony. I saw the page about him being a therapist first, and couldn’t stop the tears when I found this one. I have a yearling pinto who’s sire was a Walker and his mom a Shetland. I have only had him 3 months, but already he very much a part of our family and always will be. Not sure how big he will get but if not big enough to ride I can always drive with him. My thoughts are with you.

    Thanks so much for your words and thoughts. I was very lucky to have him.

  5. This is such a wonderful tribute to a very special horse. I spent nearly 35 years waiting to get my first horse. Now that I have 3 I hope we can share as many wonderful years together like you and your Ebony.

    It is always hard to say goodbye.


    Hi Lori,
    Three horses! Lucky you. You are going to have so many memories of wonderful times!

  6. Well, this broke my heart. I know how you feel and felt. People who do not really know or come to love animals haven’t a clue how you felt about this magnificent animal. You are a great writer and your photos are so moving.

    I have been in your shoes, not once, but many times, with dogs who were a part of my life for so long. I still remember them and the last one, Autumn Eve, who died in 2006 on September 11th. She was special, as they all are.

    • Thanks for your kind words. You are so right … they are all special.
      All the best,

  7. Many thanks, Abraham Lincoln, for your kind words. Ebony was so much a part of my life.
    I was lucky to have had him for such a long time.

    Dogs are such wonderful companions, so devoted, so entertaining. Yet, it seems they are gone in such a short time, no matter how long they live. Like you say, we remember them all.

    Thanks again … your words meant a great deal.

  8. Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed looking through your website. I am a first time horse owner as of June and have a 17 year old thoroughbred who is very much a gentleman. I hope we get the kind of time you have managed with Ebony. Ebony is amazingly beautiful…

  9. Hi Julie,
    How exciting that you have your first horse.

    Congratulations on selecting one that is 17 years old. Or did he select you? I hope you have many wonderful years together. They are such great companions for us.

    Thanks for your kind words about Ebony. He was a great, great friend.

  10. Marvel,

    I still get tears in my eyes when I read this site. It is such a beautiful tribute to Ebony. You have so many wonderful memories and such a rich life.

    I think the love we have for our animals is truly a lesson about unconditional love.

    Any animal that you and Kirk have is blessed by your love and care. They were all sent to us for a reason.


    Thanks, Gwen,

    You were a wonderful part of Ebony’s life and a great friend in mine.

  11. This was a beautiful tribute to your sweet prince. I lost my Sweet Ginger on Jan. 15, 2008, and my heart is broken. I felt the exact same way about Ginger. I got her when she was 16 months old, and she lived to be 28 yrs old. A gorgeous sorrel Quarter Horse Appendix, she was magnificent. If you want to see nature and experience nature, ride a horse! She was my beloved, my best friend, and she taught me to be brave, she gave me freedom. The best ride in the world. At some point, we too walked side by side. Just gentle moments together. I will love her forever and believe she is with me all the time. She will always be in my heart.

    How blessed we have both been to have such wonderful companions in our lives! I know Ginger will always be in your thoughts and heart no matter how may other horses you may have.

  12. I sure hope he had a wonderful life

  13. Kay,

    I just found your beautiful pictures and story of Ebony. May I tell you as I sit here with tears running down my face how your story touched my husband and me. We’ve each lost 2 sons over the years, and several of our dearly loved 4-legged furry kids. We’ve always made our furry kids members of our family. The pain when we’ve said goodbye is just as intense whether it’s for human or animal. They’re just part of us.
    I was given a beautiful black stallion when I was 13 years old by a friend of my Grandfather but due to family circumstances, I was not allowed to bring him home. I never got over it. Even though I just had my 70th birthday, I still remember my time with that wonderful creature and how he loved me back. Sometimes I think I can still smell him and feel him nuzzlying my hair when I stood alongside him and rubbed his ears and pressed my face into his. His owner told my Grandfather he had never seen “Blackie” react to anyone like he did with me and felt he should belong to me. I hope where he must have been on the “other side” for these past years he knows my heart never left him. I’m sure you must feel the same about your Ebony. Blessings to you. Thank you for sharing.

    Hello Judy,

    You have so touched my heart with your kind words. I am dreadfully sorry about your loss of two sons.

    Your short times with Blackie must have been very rewarding, as the memories are still with you. I’m sure when “Blackie” returned to Heaven, he had thoughts of you. It’s a love that happens which no words can explain.

    Thank you so much for your message.
    All my best to you,

  14. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I’ve been looking at the beautiful photos of you and your Ebony again and again. All of these things are part of our growing experiences to hopefully, become kinder, caring humans. I guess we would not love so deeply without the pain involved when we have to let go.
    Again, thank you for sharing your story and photos of your beloved Ebony.
    Blessings and peace.

  15. What a beautiful horse/friend you had in Ebony and a long time that you were able to enjoy him. I didn’t get my first horse until I was 35 (even tho it was my hearts desire as long as I can remember) and he “Rusty” was a month old. He turned into a great versatile guy and we had such good times trail riding, going to play days and being a 4-H horse for a nieghbor girl. He seem to enjoy everything we ask him to do and put his whole heart into it. My best memories were the rides after work. I would come home pretty stressed some nights and saddle him up and ride for a couple hours. He always listened to my problems and didn’t critisize once!!! I would always be relaxed when we got home from our rides. I lost him At age 35 yrs. 6 mo. and 15 days old. He will be forever in my heart and thoughts as Ebony is in yours.

    Hi Lucy,
    Rusty sounds like he was a “heart’s companion” horse for you. Isn’t it amazing how they can cure whatever problems we have. They seem to sense our needs.

    It is just amazing that he lived to be almost 37 years old. You are right, he’ll always be in your heart and mind. How fortunate you had each other to love. It works both ways.

    All the best,

  16. Thank you very much for sharing Ebony’s story. I’ve wanted a horse of my own all my life, but it just never worked out (I’m 51)…

    I did lose a beloved kitty who was only 6 years old, two years ago. Max died unexpectedly while I was home alone – his heart gave out. I’m still not over it, really… He could open doors by turning the door knobs with his paws! He also played fetch – he loved paper airplanes and would fetch them and put them back in the palm of my hand. Very smart, Max was.

    I pray, and do believe, that we’ll be reunited with our beloved pets in Heaven.

    God bless,


    Hi Cathy,
    Max certainly was a talented cat/companion. What a very sad loss, but how wonderful that you were there with him. I do believe these creatures will be with us again.
    Perhaps, someday, you will have another pet that can warm your heart.

    All the best,

  17. How sad I know the pain we had a young filly pass in 98′ and now her mother is 37 and she didnt get through the last winter so well and we are afraid we are losing her! I loved the story i almost cryed! He sounded like a great friend!

    How amazing that your mare has reached the remarkable age of 37! What a wonderful companionship you must have with her … and bittersweet, it is, after the loss of her filly. You have wonderful memories to cherish.

    All the best,

  18. Your story is very touching. I almost cried. I am only 11 and I do not own a horse but I know what it feels like to loose an animal close to you. God bless.
    Hi Kylie,
    Thank you for your sweet note. I’m so glad you love animals, too.

  19. I am sorry for the loss of such a close member of your family. It is a blessing that we come to have these great friends. I also lost “my baby” Twice! I raised a little Buckskin colt. His mother was my mare, she carried him too long and died of complications. I bottle fed him every hour! No one thought he would make it. He was less than a day old when his mother died. I fed him the best I could afford milk supplements, foal lac pellets, calf manna, (all in healthy portions) He grew up to be the most beautiful Buckskin, Great temperement, sweet and perfect comfirmation. He would suck my thumb even at 5 years! I loved him! He was such a joy. I had to sell him when I got divorced. It broke my heart, but I had nowhere to keep him. I took comfort in the fact I sold him to a “friend” He told me when I could get back on my feet he would sell him back to me… Well that day came, and he wouldn’t sell him back. We offered him 5 thousand cash. He wouldn’t honor his word. I was so upset, the thought of not having him. He remembered me I could whistle and he would come running,and still go for my thumb! A few months went by, and I heard he had died. He was only 9,The vet could not tell me what happened. When he got there he had already passed. The guy who owned him couldn’t explain what happened either, yet he did not want any testing done. I cried and still have a empty spot in my heart for him. I think of him often. I was lucky enough to have him for awhile but wish it could have been longer. I have alot of photos of him as he was growing up! For that I am thankful. You to, have some great photos! As well as all your years of memories! Here’s to great horses and the people lucky enough to be loved by them!

    Hi Cowboys and Sunsets,
    Your story about your mare and colt just broke my heart … twice! What a sad, sad situation. So sorry there are people in the world that never seem to do the right thing.

    You have treasured memories … those are with you forever. And what an experience it must have been to have a relationship like you had with you baby. You’re right, we are lucky to know the kind of love that horses have to give.

    All the best to you,

  20. Marvel,
    What a treasure! I really enjoyed your site…..what a lovely tribute to Ebony.
    All the best,

    Hi Debra,
    So glad you came by for a visit.

    Ebony was my love and I really believe he sent Royal as a gift to ease the loss. Those creatures can sure consume out hearts!


  21. I was so touched by your beautiful words about your lovely “Ebony”. God truly blessed you with a treasure and you are a better person because of that gift. Remember him always, as you say, “carry him in your heart”, but share your life with another. There are so many wonderful horses who need homes. Thank you for sharing. Lorie of C’ing Spots Appaloosas
    Hi Lorie,
    Thank you so much for your note about Ebony. He was a wonderful companion. It took a long time to be ready for another horse, but I did find one. When I wrote the check for him I discovered it was Ebony’s birthday. Now, I consider Royal to be a gift from Ebony.

    Aren’t we lucky to have horses in our lives!
    All the best,

  22. Your story shows how deep a bond man can have with horses. A friendship that has lasted, even growing into a spiritual experience. We experience the divine through nature, we befriend the greater being by interacting with his marvelous creatures like Ebony.

    Now I understand my own deep love for these magnificent animals…

    Hello Nato,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Horses do share a unique bond with us that it is difficult to explain. And it stays forever.

    All the best,

  23. What a beautiful story. About a year ago a dear woman gave me a beautiful quarterhorse named “Stevie”; she has been my best friend since. I was diagnosed wth MS in ’05, and Stevie has been the best medicene ever. She is age 20, but is still so vibrant and energetic. God truly blessed me with a dear friend and I am so very thankful Stevie is in my life. Stevie was a barrel racing horse for years and still has the heart and spirit of those days. It is so amazing to hear of someone who truly loves horses and their amazing friendship that they give. I am so glad to have found your website and thank you for sharing your memories.
    Hello Caryl,
    How wonderful that you have Stevie to be such a blessing in your life. They truly are the best medicine. They are a gift to both inspire and comfort us.

    All the best,

  24. the worst part of having horses is saying goodbye, and you and i share a thing in common me and Abon it was Christmas night at midnight 2001 she passed in my arms, i miss her much and know she lives on in my heart.
    so i know how you feel and wish you the best.
    Hello Tom,
    Thank you for your kind words. So sorry about your loss, also at Christmas. Somehow that is even more painful and memorable. You are right … they always stay in our hearts.

    All the best,

  25. Hi. I have been looking at your beautiful pictures for a few months and decided, tonight, to look through your other links. This was the first. And boy, it hit hard.

    I lost my beautiful buckskin mare, Lucky, on Jan 17, 2009, at age 33. We came together as youngsters. I was 12 and she was 4 (please don’t do the math). LOL

    She was my best friend. I could cry on her shoulder at any time and at any time of day. That was the only time she would allow herself to be caught without arguing about it.

    I have her 11 year old daughter to continue on with – which makes it somewhat better.

    I am still in the grieving stage…cry at the drop of a hat…but it is slowly getting better.

    Your Ebony was a STUNNING horse. And a love like you had for him and I had for Lucky will never be forgotten.

    Dear Carrie,
    My heart goes out to you over the loss of Lucky. What a gift you had … to grow up together. I wish I could say the tears will go away, but they don’t. You have lost a companion.

    I still cry over Ebony at unexpected times, especially when I see his halter hanging in its place in the tack room. It has never been moved since the last time he wore it.

    The only comfort I can offer is that the memories you have of Lucky will grow more precious as time passes. How fortunate you are to have had him.

    All the best,

  26. I lost my Ebony, my black cat, unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. I’m trying to overcome the sadness of such a great loss to me and I found this site. What a beautiful horse Ebony was and what a wonderful tribute to him.

    Hello Diane,
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Ebony. It is a painful thing to lose a companion like your cat and my horse. Fortunately, we are left with wonderful memories to give us comfort.
    Thanks for your note.

  27. I just stumbled upon your site looking for a reference image of a horse on Google. This is a wonderful site and your history with Ebony is touching and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

    Best Regards from Portland, Oregon,
    Hello Verne,
    Thank you for your kind words about Ebony. And welcome to my blog. I do hope you will return.
    All the best,

  28. Hello from Melbourne in Victoria Australia! I linked to your beautiful website after looking up Poitou donkeys(amazing they grow up to 17 hh!)My 2 daughters joined our local pony club 4 years ago where my lifelong love of horses and wanting a horse could finally be realised through their journey into this great world. Firstly we leased a 23 y.o.mare(Kalinda) (for 3 years and now she is ours as the owner did not want to pay for vet bill to remove her eye which had glaucoma and wanted to put her down – what could I do?), then my oldest daughter bought a 5 y.o. pinto(Malibu Stacey) and second daughter now has a 18 y.o. TB (Biscuit). Of course I am in my element brushing,feeding and learning as I had never had any hands on contact until now at age 47!! Our horses all live in shared agistment with about 70 other horses and they all have their horsy cliques and very loyal friends who wait at the gate until their friends come back out into the paddock. Sadly about 5 of these horses have owners who pay money every month but never see their old friends from one year to the next.So I try to make myself a human friend to these neglected ones (some people do have genuine reasons but that’s another story). That’s how I got Sir Bazerack or BAZ!! My first horse! The owner came to bring some rugs I had requested via the manager for this beautiful 16.2 hh black TB gentleman who was 34 years old and rather sad and unkempt. She wanted to call the vet the next day and put him down!!! He was too skinny and awful (even though I had been feeding him for 6 months) and what could I do but ask if he could be mine both physically and finacially. I had a wonderful 18 months with him, he would talk to me as I called him in from the paddock, and on good days even come galloping up when I could see a glimpse of his glory days. The ex owner told me of how many ribbons and trophies he had won for her over many years and others tell me of what a great horse he had been. I fattened him up,added lots of herbal things to his special dinners (warmed in winter) to help his old body with aches and pain. He grew shiny and his eyes lost that sad forlorn look – I loved him. Sadly in Feb 2009 during our hellish summer (bushfires and 45 C hot days – abour 112 degrees) he went off his food and the light started to dim in those eyes that watched me while I cared for him – was he asking for me to help him move on? He had a lovely last morning, a small meal (mainly untouched), a nice brush to smooth that soft shiny coat, a lock of mane cut for me to keep ,and a nice graze on some long grass before we walked up to meet the waiting vet (who was from Canada). The reason I write this is that he looked very much like your Ebony. I have tears in my eyes as I write for this special fellow BAZ who found me and I him. Time has passed and guess what, I have just found a little standard bred mare called Jade in our paddock. No one comes to see her and out of our 70-80 horses she is one of only 2 who doesn’t have a rug on – but I have fixed that now. Some other luckier horses have up to 5 rugs on at once! She could be my next Baz, I had her feet trimmed last week and made her so footsore because it has been so long since a farrier touched her. She is moody, cranky and bites and kicks but there is a glimmer of hope in her eyes as she now walks up to me when I go to catch her. Next it will be the dentist and physio. Love your website, regards, Rosemary

    • Rosemary,
      Thank you so much for your experiences. What a wonderful horse person you are! Your next “Baz” is very fortunate that you have such a caring heart. I wish you and Jade a wonderful time together.
      Best regards,

  29. What a beautiful story. I had a horse that lived to be 29 1/2 — hopefully our others will live that long. Loved the other stories and photos on your blog that I had time to look at.
    I’ll be back…..

    • Hi BB Farm,
      So glad you had a horse that lived to be over 29! You must have given a lot of love. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comment.
      All the best,

  30. Hi,
    I have just read about Ebony, so now have tears in my eyes. What a lovely tribute.
    I love your photos.
    I also enjoy photography, and love animals, my dogs are often my models.
    Look forward to seeing more photos.

    • Hello Helen,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Appreciate your visit and hope to see you again.
      All the best,

  31. What a gift, hope all’s well with you, notice you haven’t posted in a bit.
    Best wishes for the new year!

  32. Hallo there,

    A very touching story. My horse is 34 years old now, I am very happy te be together with him still. I hope that our last goodbey will be without much pain for him. There is no better, higher, friendschip I now, than with an animal, a horse, or a dog.

    Ien Goertz (The Netherlands)

    • Hello Ien,
      How wonderful … your horse is 34 years old. He must be greatly loved. You are right, there is no better friendship than what we have with our animals.
      All the best,

  33. I LOVE your video’s on YouTube and your story about your Tennessee walker Ebony, ( he has to be out of Ebony’s master piece..??) I have an older App horse named Misty who I have had since she was two and she is now 24… She has been a wonderful friend who I love very much…. I now have a beautiful 7 year old Tennessee walker mare named Ruby’s midnight doll.. She is very sweet but when we go trail riding she gets very anxious, nervous and spooks at every little thing so you always have to be ready for anything with her… What can I do to help her relax a bit more on the trail??? I love her and I want her to be more relaxed and enjoy our time on the trails….

    • Hello Diane,
      Thank you for your kind words about Ebony. So happy to know you have a Tennessee Walker.

      You asked about her being nervous on trail. The best way for me to help an anxious horse is to take things very slowly, introduce one “spook” at a time. Also, the calmer I am … the better things work out. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll have many happy trails.
      All the best,

  34. Dear Marvel,

    I’m deeply sorry for your lose of Ebony, he seems like a 1 in a million horse. Even though I’m only 12, I know what it’s like to lose a horse. She wasn’t mine, but one of my horses, Lady G’s, pasture buddy, and the owner of the barns last horse. She died at the age of 16, with a long time pelvic problem. That wasn’t the reason why she died, but I always knew her days where going to be numbered. Rosie died of a late night colic, and her stall was asked to be filled by the owner, with my Tennessee Walker, Raine. But even though I was glad at her being closer to home, Rosie’s lead rope still hung on her stall, and it seemed like I could still hear her knocking on the door, but when I came to look, I saw only Raine, starring quizzically at me.
    Now Raine is at home and couldn’t be happier, but I don’t like to think about when she’s going to die. Even though I try not to think about it, it always lingers about in the back of my mind. The reason why I brought her up was because she seems a lot like your Ebony.

    They always will be in our hearts and minds,

    • Hello Sophie,
      Thank you for telling me about the horses in your life. It is always hard to part with them. I’m glad Raine is home with you and you are both happy. You are right, they always stay in our hearts.
      All the best,

  35. How blessed you were to have such a gentle friend … and how blessed he was to have such a wonderful caring soul to care for him … the Lord bless you both.

    • Thank you, Leanore, for your kind words. Ebony was a wonderful treasure. He is greatly missed, but the memories of him live on.

  36. just came across your beautiful tribute to your darling Ebony, i shed some tears what a lovely life you had together, your memories and pictures are so beautiful.I hope you are now having a wonderful life with Royal. I am now in my 60s and and always loved horses but could not have one of my own, so i help the horse sanctuaries instead, i can never get over the terrible suffering so many of these wonderful animals go through at the hands of humans, at least Ebony was loved so much. Best wishes Jenny.

    • Hi Jenny,
      You are one of the special people in the world. Helping at a horse sanctuary is the ultimate gift you can give to a horse. I thank you many times for your caring for each horse. They all deserve love.
      All the best,

  37. He sounds so lovely 🙂 I don’t know how i’ll say good bye to my baby Jasper, I guess it’ll have to be out of respect for his health. I’m getting a Haflinger in only 20 days. So i’ll have twop babies in my life. I can explore the world apon the back of my pony, or haflinger. 🙂 i hope we get to see alot! Best wishes! ^^ do you have another horse in your life now?

    P.S. I volenteer at a rescue farm. (hiddenhorsehaven.com) unfortunatly i see alot of great horses that need to be said goodbye too. It’s never easy, weather i disliked the horse or it was my love, i wasn’t easy.

    • All my best wishes to you and Jasper. And congrats on your new horse. Many wonderful times ahead. It is wonderful that your are volunteering at a rescue farm. Each animal deserves love and you are there to give them the care they need.

      Yes, I do have Royal in my life, now. He is related to Ebony and I bought him on Ebony’s birthday. We are very closely bonded as their personalities are much the same, and they look alike.
      All the best,

  38. This was a very moving story. I am about to get my very first Tennessee Walker name Whoolio and I truly hope we can become as close as you and Ebony were. Remember he will always be with you.

    With Love,
    Lainey Shirey

    • Hi Lainey,
      Congratulations to you on “Whoolio”. Sharing your love with him will be the most rewarding experience for both of you.

      Thanks for your kind words about Ebony.
      All the best,

  39. Your memories of Ebony are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I’ve loved horses all my life, and wish I had a couple of acres so that I could adopt a beautiful spirit like Ebony—how lucky you are to have had him. I wish all horse owners were as caring as you, and kept their horses into their old age, giving them a good long life. Take comfort in that,
    I too think that Royal was sent to you by your sweet prince.
    Barbara Mc

    • Thank you, Barbara, for your very kind words. It means very much to me.
      I hope you do, someday, have the joy of a horse to love and to love you.

      All the best,

  40. Oh this was truly ~wonderfully written from your heart~
    Ebony was so special, I feel the same about my mare. She’s not as regal as your love Ebony, but she’s given me so much life – to my life- always tries and is such an athelete.

    He will forever be present in your minds eye and heart. Mine too , he’s how I met you.

    I am so happy you’ve left me a comment recently! I am now alerted to come visit again!
    Happy Autumn!!

    • So happy we are back in touch! Your mare is such a special horse … giving fulfillment to your life. How do they do that? They just grab our hearts and we’re never the same.

  41. Oh my gosh, your story of Ebony is so touching. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I understand your pain, although my understanding comes from the loss of other 4 legged family members. As the years pass by and memories of my babies scatter bits of joy; I’m reminded… that their passing is not as much a loss, as a gift of life.

    • Hi Gammy/Tammy,
      You are so right … we are blessed to have any animal in our lives. They give us so much and ask for so little.
      All the best,

  42. Dear Marvel, Your tribute and love for Ebony fills me with a great contentedness knowing how much you two meant to each other and the great bond you shared. How I wish this for all horses and their caretakers. Thanks for reading about my special horse Lance (Remembering a Great Horse ). I do believe we are kindred spirits and have shared a great gift with our horses…Nancy

    • Hello Nancy,
      We are kindred spirits, indeed. Reading about your horse, Lance, convinced me of that. I appreciate your blog and respect your expertise with horses.

      Horses are a gift and when one leaves us, they leave behind treasured memories.
      All the best,

  43. I couldn’t agree with you more . He was and still is a true gentleman . I had a part quarter horse part race horse that I had for 29 years . My father which just past on 12 3 12 took me to ky to see if I could ride him . The man that had him was going to put him down at the age of 9 . He had been beaten by a man during in early years . And hated men . I rode him bare back with a hackamor . Needlees to say he came home with me to tennessee and lived to be 38 . When I lost Gator I lost my best friend . Horses are amazing creatures . My god bless them all .

    • Hello Lisa,
      What a fortunate horse to have lived out his very long life with you! It sounds like you were meant for each other. Horses are amazing, indeed. And we are fortunate to share our lives with them.
      All the best,

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