World’s Largest Equestrian Bronze Statue Installed


 It’s big, it’s bronze, and it’s beautiful.

The Texas town of El Paso, a bustling city with a colorful history, is now home to the world’s largest equestrian  bronze figure.


  The massive statue, which stands nearly 12m tall, is made up of 400 pieces. It consumed nearly 10 tons of bronze and requires more than 4.5 tons of supporting steel.

The art work, called The Equestrian, portrays Mexican conquistador Don Juan de Onate riding a rearing Andalusian stallion.


It has been installed at El Paso‘s international airport.The sculpture is the work of artist John Houser.  Houser has been working on the project for nearly 10 years.


Houser traveled to Spain as part of the commission, to gather historical information that would help in creation of this magnificent work.


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  1. wow! that is HUGE.

    Id like to see it one day….

  2. Hi Barngoddess!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Love reading your blog.

  3. Oñate wasn’t a Mexican conquistador…he was Spanish. The statue is a beautiful and quite impressive work of art, but I am completely against what it stands for. That whole XII Travelers project is a slap in the face to the Native Americans who lived in this area before the Spaniards barged their way in and forced them out of their rightful home, slaughtering thousands of them in the process. If El Paso is going to erect statues honoring these men for their horrific acts of violence in order to steal this land from the Indians, then we need to have some statues honoring the Native Americans in this region who stood against them. Just because El Paso is now dominated by hispanic culture doesn’t mean we should erase the TRUE history of this region, which is based on the blood of the Native Americans who lived here before the Spanish took over.

  4. wonderful statue

  5. By the way, Why everybody still blame spaniards so much for doings something 500 years were brutal in those times…indians too, and french and brithish and japanese(wow those samurais head cutters)…but it is history, it was amazing what a small country like spain did, it was epic, though inmoral…but we all in spain were slaughtered by italians in the roman empire times, they erased our culture and languages(except the vasc) and stole our gold from our mines…but we are proud to be part of that invasion because we are a result of it.

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