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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Anheuser-Busch acquire the famous Budweiser Clydesdales?
They were formally introduced to August A. Busch Sr. and Anheuser-Busch on April 7, 1933, to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition.  August A. Busch Jr. wanted to commemorate the special day.

To his father’s delight, the hitch thundered down Pestalozzi Street carrying the first case of post-Prohibition beer from the St. Louis brewery.

August Anheuser Busch Jr. was a master showman and irrepressible salesman who turned a small family operation into the world’s largest brewing company.

What are the qualifications to be a Budweiser Clydesdale?
To qualify for one of the six hitches (five traveling and one stationary), a Budweiser Clydesdale must be a gelding at least four years of age.

He must stand 72 inches, or 6 feet, at the shoulder when fully mature, weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds, be bay in color, have four white stocking feet, a blaze of white on the face, and a black mane and tail.


How much food and water do the Clydesdales need?
Each hitch horse will consume as much as 20 to 25 quarts of whole grains, minerals and vitamins, 50 to 60 pounds of hay and 30 gallons of water per day.

Where are the Budweiser Clydesdale hitches located?
Five traveling Budweiser Clydesdale hitches are based in St. Louis, Missouri; Menifee, California; San Diego, California; Merrimack, New Hampshire; and San Antonio, Texas.

The Budweiser Clydesdales can be viewed at the Anheuser-Busch breweries in St. Louis, Merrimack and Ft. Collins, Colorado.

The Budweiser Clydesdales also may be viewed at Grant’s Farm, the 281-acre ancestral home of the Busch family, in St. Louis and at the following Anheuser-Busch theme parks:
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, and Tampa, Florida, and at the SeaWorld theme parks in Orlando, Florida; San Diego, California; and San Antonio, Texas

Where is the official home of the Budweiser Clydesdales?
The official home of the Budweiser Clydesdales is an ornate brick and stained-glass stable built in 1885 on the historic 100-acre Anheuser-Busch brewery complex in St. Louis.



The building is one of three located on the brewery grounds that are registered as historic landmarks by the federal government.


Who travels with the Clydesdales?
Expert groomers travel on the road with the hitch. They are on the road at least 10 months every year. When necessary, one handler has night duty to provide round-the-clock care for the horses, ensuring their safety and comfort.


How do the Clydesdales get to all of their appearances?
Twelve horses, the famous red, white and gold beer wagon and other essential equipment are transported in three 50-foot tractor trailers.



Cameras in the trailers (with monitors in the cabs) enable the drivers to keep a watchful eye on their precious cargo during transport.


The team stops each night at local stables so the “gentle giants” can rest. Air-cushion suspension and thick rubber flooring in the trailers ease the rigors of traveling.


Is driving the hitch a difficult job?
Driving the 12 tons of wagon and horses requires quite a bit of strength and skill. The 40 pounds of reins the driver holds, plus the tension of the reins, equals 75 pounds.

All hitch drivers are put through a rigorous training period before they are given the reins.


Can you describe a Budweiser Clydesdale’s harness?
Each harness and collar weighs approximately 130 pounds. The harness is handcrafted from brass and leather. Pure linen thread is used for the stitching.



The harness is made to fit any horse, but the collars come in different sizes and must be individually fitted like a suit of clothes.


Do the Clydesdales have names?
Duke, Captain, Mark and Bud are just a few of the names given to the Budweiser Clydesdales. Names are kept short to make it easier for the driver to give commands to the horses during a performance.

How big are the Clydesdales’ horseshoes?
Clydesdale horseshoes measure more than 20 inches from end to end and weigh about five pounds – more than twice as long and five times as heavy as the shoe worn by a riding horse.


A horse’s hoof is made of a nerveless, horn-like substance similar to the human fingernail, so being fitted for shoes affects the animal no more than a manicure affects people.


Why does a Dalmatian accompany the hitch?
Dalmatians have traveled with the Clydesdale hitch since the 1950s. The Dalmatian’s original purpose was to guard the hitch (and protect the beer) as the driver made his beer deliveries.


The Dalmatian breed long has been associated with horses and valued for their speed, endurance and dependable nature.


Dalmatians were also known as coach dogs, because they ran between the wheels of coaches or carriages and were companions to the horses.


Today, the Dalmatians are perched atop the wagon, seated next to the driver.

What kind of wagons are used?
The wagons are Studebaker wagons (circa 1900) that were converted to deliver beer.The wagons have two braking systems; a hydraulic pedal device that slows the vehicle for turns and descents down hills, and a foot brake that locks the rear wheels when the wagon is stationary.


How many horses travel as a team?
Groups of ten Clydesdales travel together as a hitch team. Eight Clydesdales are hitched together to pull the wagon. Two horses travel as alternates.


What determines the placement of each horse?
The physical ability of each horse determines its position in the hitch. Wheelhorses (the pair closest to the wagon) must be large and strong enough to start the wagon’s movement and to use their weight to help slow or stop the vehicle.


The body (second position) and swing (third position) pairs must be agile to turn the wagon. The leaders (the pair in front, furthest from the wagon) must be the fastest and most agile pair.


 Original Budweiser Commercial
“Here Comes The King”

Budweiser Horses Up Close

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Re-written from news and public relations sources


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  1. Can you imagine keeping those feathers clean? I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that! lol They are such magnificent creatures.

  2. They are just beautiful. When we were in Virginia and visited Busch Gardens, we saw the stables and even got to see some of the new foals. It was a nice experience. I love their football commercials too, especially the ones in the snow, when they are playing.

  3. Coooooool! Thanks for sharing. We saw them several years ago in Indianapolis. They were stabled in a mall parking lot, believe it or not and each one was taken out to one of the semis to be bathed and dried and prepped for show. Magnificent!

  4. Love that Budweiser chooses to incorporate horses into their business plan. Cheers to that!

  5. They are such regal creatures! I sought them out at Sea World last year, owned by Busch. Awesome!

  6. You never forget seeing them. I’m so glad they’ve decided that these horses are worth the on-going care and investment. They truly are spectacular.

    And you’ve answered a question I’ve long had: Why do draft horses (especially those that pull wagons or other loads) have such short, plain names? So they’re easier to call out while working!

    Finally! I’ve been wondering this for YEARS.

    Thank you.

  7. Fantastic! Great post, thank you!

  8. Excellent article. Those horses are simply majestic… they will aww anyone who sees them. I have been blessed to see them the past two years at our local rodeo. They are absolutely amazing to watch. And their driver is incredibly talented as well!

    Can you imagine handling the weight and the controls of all those reins!

  9. Last summer I had the chance to work on the San Diego team as an equine sports massage therapist. They were amazing in their athleticism and gracious, kind natures. It was truly an experience to remember!

    Hi Jessica,
    What a unique and special experience that must have been! You certainly had a “hands on” relationship with those horses that many of us would envy!

  10. I absolutely love these animals…first introduced to them through NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.! I am a big fan of Budweiser now because of him and the beauty of these animals! Cheers to the marketing and company overall…you are truly in a league of your own! Stay true to the familiar tradition with Kasey Khane…we all love it! Can’t wait to come visit these lovely and magnificent “commercial hero’s,” as my children are huge fans of the commercial with the clydesdale being trained by the dalmation! It was a wonderful short story and something our country needs! Support and love!!! Keep up the excellent work…oh, and love the beer, too. 🙂

  11. Thanks for posting all of these gorgeous photographs! They are beautiful!!

  12. Very well-written. My dad was going to take me to the NH brewery sometime soon, I hope to see some foals!

  13. I live near St. Louis and love seeing them up close. They are such enormous animals, but they’re very gentle and beautiful. A local Clydesdale owner has contributed a couple horses to the team.

  14. I love these horses so much when I grow up I want to help out with all of the things you have to do to get the horse ready for a performance. Yes I mean everything.:-)

  15. My whole family is involved with clydesdales. They are the love of all of our lives. They truly are magnificent animals.

    As a great admirer of Clydesdales, I must say I envy you your life with these wonderful horses!


  16. They are wonderful creatures… I just put down my draft yesterday actually…. They stay in your hearts forvever…

    Hello Em,
    My sympathy to you for the loss of your draft horse. Your memories must be many and how wonderful it is to have those times to remember and to comfort us.

    You are right … they stay with us forever.


  17. Ihave adored these awesome creatures since I was little girl..My father worked for Bud and would always bring home a special clydesdale toy for me… 40 years later, I am still in love!!I just saw them again at Seaworld in Orlando… you never want to leave.. can you tell me where they go when they retire? many thanks, your article is wonderful!

    Hi Christine,
    What a treat your father brought to you … a collection of Clydesdale toys. They are always a thrill to watch. That is a good question … where do they go when they retire? I hope someone can tell us.
    All the best,

    • I sent an email to A-H asking them about this. I got this in reply:

      Once a Clydesdale retires from the hitch, he usually spends his retirement years at a Clydesdale breeding facility or to either of the hamlets at Fort Collins, Merrimack, or St. Louis. These breeding farms give them room to roam pastures and they have all their needs met. We do occasionally trade male breeding horses to other breeders, but almost all of the Clydesdales we breed remain in our care for life.

  18. It is so wonderful a company supports these magnificent horses, the beautiful wagons and the tradition of driving. They are always my favorite at the horse expos. And, believe me, I always buy Budweiser when I want a beer!
    Thanks for the article, and the pictures that are just breathtaking!

    Hi LeslyeAnn,
    I’m sure Budweiser will be very happy to know you buy “Bud” thanks to the Budweiser horses at the expos!
    All the best,

  19. Thank you for the informative article.These horses are truly majestic!
    Question I was told that before the Clydesdales, Budweiser had mule teams or mini mule teams? Do you know anything about this?

    Hi Melissa,
    Here is an earlier post showing the early Budweiser Mule Team.

  20. This was a great article. I work with the Budweiser Clydesdales in Williamsburg, Va and love every minute. They truely are gentle giants. If anyone ever gets a chance to meet them, TAKE IT!!! Budweiser does take excellent care of their horses, I know first hand the work that it takes to keep up with them. Again great article!

    Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks so much for your note. It’s great to hear from someone that works with these magnificent horses!

  21. RE: The Bud dalmatian origin.

    The dalmatian’s original purpose was to guard the hitch (and protect the beer) as the driver made his beer deliveries.

    I work for the bud marketing department – FYI

    Just thought you might want to add that to your answer above.
    Hello Richard,
    Thank you for the additional information about the reason for using the Dalmations. I shall add it to the post.

    • I have a bud calendar and it says that the theme of the carriage was old fashioned fire trucks and that is the purpose for the dalmation..

  22. The Clydesdales came to my small city of Warren Pennsylvania on July 5th 2008. This was like a famous rock star visiting our city. These animals were amazing.
    I would have liked to see the presentation be more like a show. Have a sound system on the trucks and a costumed Master of Ceremonies,relate everything that is on this website to the audience “LIVE”. Introduce each horse as it exits the truck , tell stories about that horse, the handlers, answer questions from the crowd and some exciting emotional music play as the wagon begins to move. I know you don’t need any help marketing your product or you wouldn’t be where you are today. But it would be REALLY COOL!
    Thanks for your time.
    FROM: A small town guy with a short attention span.
    Hi Marty,
    I’m sure many people would be very interested in knowing information about each horse. Each one has its own personality. It would be nice to hear the stories.
    All the best,

  23. I grew up in St. Louis and my dad worked at the brewery from the thirties to the late sixties. We lived at Pestalozzi and Minnesota, and I used to go down Arsenal to the brewery and watch the “hitch” go through its paces on the cobbles every Wednesday morning.
    To see something that beautiful and precise from less than five feet away all those years in the fifties is a memory I will take joy in my entire life.
    Hi Emilie,
    What a thrill to have watched those horses work out. And what a wonderful world of memories you must have about the Clydesdales.
    I’d say you were a very lucky girl to have had those experiences!
    All the best,

  24. The horses are SO beautiful and magnificent – thank you for posting all of these lovely photos and videos for all of us to enjoy.

    When visiting one of the stables, is it ever possible to ride with the driver as he drives the carriage? Probably not, but just thought I would ask!
    Thank you.

    Hi Patrick,
    Riding up there with the driver would be a magnificent adventure. I hope someone can tell us if that is possible.

  25. I tell a cute story about when I was a little boy. Marvel, I thought you could confirm my recollections. The dates location and times are unimportant however this story, true to my recollection, is from the mid 1960’s.

    My family and I traveled to the theme park, I believe Tampa’s Bush Gardens. True to the theme early after arrival we attended the brewery tour and learned how Budweiser beer is made.

    At the end of the tour the brew master in the tasting lounge offered us of age (wink, wink) a taste of the beer. I of course was not of age, … but and this is where the Clydesdales enter the story.

    The company had a contest to help name a Clydesdale horse for the hitch. Now. I was only as tall as a grasshopper can hop, but I could write my name. I entered the name Marshall.

    Now as I recall as a young boy I wanted above all else a pony or a monkey and I had begged my folks repeatedly for such. However, I learned I could have a Clydesdale of my “own” cared for by professionals, if only my name would be drawn from the lottery of names.

    So, the young entrepreneur, me set to scheming how could I increase my odds. I bargained, begged and pleaded to be allowed to stay in the brew house and fill out more lots. Finely my dad conceded. And he and the brew master discussed the matter.

    The brew master said he would tend to me as I gave up the other amusements of the park to fill out more lots and my family went to enjoy the rest of the park.

    Now I don’t know if the brew master palmed one of the lots (wink, wink), but at the drawing later that day the name Marshal was drawn.

    Marvel, I have seen numerous hitches of the famous Budweiser Clydesdales over the years. And I have seen “my horse” or the horses that have inherited the name Marshal on many occasions, as recently as 2 years ago here in Wisconsin at a county fair.

    If it is possible could you confirm or deny this horse as one of the Clydesdales. And one more favor, my dear friend, could you enter the names of the Clydesdales as key words for the search engines to reference the list.

    Thank you,
    Patrick Marshall

    ps: yes of course I love our beer

    pps: Perhaps my dear friend Marshal could have a Budweiser added to his feed daily. Tell him it’s on me.

    Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for your wonderful story! It should be added to a Budweiser collection of memorable experiences people, especially children, have had in connection with these magnificent horses. Your story would be among the best.

    I hope someone who works with these horses can reply and perhaps tell us where “Marshall” is stabled.

    Thank you, again for your delightful story.
    All the best,

  26. Very interesting. I heard he team was coming to Dayton Ohio, At the end of Augest. Is this true? And if so where are they coming to.

  27. I just get the “shivers” all over thinking about the “Hitch”. As a young person the Budweiser Hitch spent the ten days of the Great Danbury Fair (CT)housed in their own barn. A daily parade was held and watching the hitching in those days was one of the great moments of the day. As they made the corner on to the Racearea Track, I was awstruck by their beauty, charm and poise. The Danbury Fair has been gone since 1981 but thank goodness the Budweiser Hitch drives on. I only watch that football game to see the Horses. I saw the hitch in Sea World this summer and this week they are at the Big E in Springfield MA. can’t pass up a chance to get the “shivers”! Just got the 75th Anniversary Shirt and hat will wear at Dover next week end for the race.
    Love an ol’ friend,

  28. Hey,
    I just had to mention my experience with them! It was this year, 2008 during the Wayne County Fair in Wooster Ohio. They came in their trailers,and had a huge Green tent set up. The Stabling in that tent was Amazing! It was like they were in there regular stalls, like in that one picture above, but they were in Ohio!

    Anyway, They had three of the horses working out, and when they brought them back, the handlers stopped the horses at a wooden bar, or trough, I’m not sure what you would call it.

    Well, the three horses each took a position at the wooden piece, and they had three buckets set up so they could get a drink. One got upset and knocked his bucket off the wooden stand. Water went everywhere!

    People crowded close to the horses, and tried to touch them. Some adult shouted Not to touch them, but they were doing the exact opposite and lots of people were petting, or taking pictures as they leaned on the magnificent creatures.

    I reached out carefully of course, then I stroked the one on the far left of the stand. I watched when he went back to his box, and it said his name was Duke!

    Just curious by the way, Do you know what position he is? Then we went back later to watch their show on the track, but we got there too late and missed it, but then they started parading the horses around the fairgrounds.

    The poor horses had to of been tired, and hot, and thirty by then, but they kept them standing, while you could tell the horses were upset. They were tossing their heads, and stamping their feet. Then tehe drivers would move them on a tad more, before the Clydesdales would have to stop again.Then aswe were leaving, we stopped and watched them leave, and go back to their stables.

    They had the Music on, and the horses were keeping in a High trot in step thing ase music played. It reminded me alot of the way we have to stay in step to the drums, and the other instruments in Marching Band. After that we got to see them get unhitched, and what a long tedious process that was! I remember the last one to get unhitched was

    Barney, he was a Real favorite among my Mom and I. He had to of been a real calm laid-back horse to of withstood all the waiting of the unhitching! Barney was different than the other Clydesdales, he had a beautiful Star, Snip, Blaze on his face, Just soo magnificent, and yet soo gentle!

    “Wow!” is the Perfect words for such an experience as that! I’ll never forget it, and how do they find such Unique horses as Barney? I know they are geldings from what you said up there, so how do they get New foals every year? And how old are the horses when they are put out to different shows? Oh! One last question, Have you ever had a close experience with them?

    Thanks for listening, and Sorry about my Message being this long, but it was an unreal experience, and soo hard to keep quiet about!

    Hi Cristina,
    What an exciting experience you had with the Budweiser horses. It is always a special event to see them!

    There is a Budweiser breeding farm in Southern California. As for other breeding locations, I hope someone can write in and tell us.

    Thanks for you message,

  29. I do love them they are very beautiful I do have a Qeustion thou how do you get the position and what are the qualifications to be a groomer or handler thanks

  30. Dear Sir,
    I am inquiring about Barney. Why was his “star” mark so unique? I googled his name but cannot figure it out?

  31. I haven’t seen the Budwiser Christmas commercial where the horses pull the wagon through a Christmas scene. Can you tell me why?????

    • I remember that commercial too, where did it go?

    Do not change the Budweiser Clydesdales program…
    This would be a great American tradition thrown
    to the way side and this is happening too much
    in OUR country. I have too agree I missed the
    TV commericals this year at X’Mas. DON’T forget the
    Super Bowl 2009.
    Paul Liggett

  33. The horse are so amazingly beautful. I would love to have one, but I have a draft of my own. She is a belgium named Lady

  34. Hey there, I wanted to say thank you soooo much for bringing those beautiful clydesdales to Loxahatchee (palm beach)last night, you can’t be in full view of these god given animals and not get a tear in your eye for the sheer happiness and beauty they represent. The local tavern I hear won a contest of some sort. Everyone was so happy to see them, they had a big crowd, but would have been huge if they would have advertised it, there were only signs up the day of arrival, my little toddler just loved it, she said mommy can I have one of those. – ha. I loved to hear the sounds of their hooves and they closed the road for them. They should have closed more and let them parade around a while. The people handling them were so polite, really nice and that dalmation had his best look on too. Thanks Take Care and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  35. My dream is to see the eight horse hitch and wagon in full dress. I would like to know If ther is a 2009 schedule of appearances?

    • You can look on Bud.com or Budweiser.com and see a monthly schedule for the Horses, coming to your area.

  36. Mt wife is a volunteer on the Paducah, Ky Summer Festival committee. I am assisting her in finding out how to proceed in aquiring the Clysdales for an apperance at this years festival on Saturday 6/27/2009. Can you provide me contact information.

    Michael A. Rosa

  37. My husband and I always stop in at the Brewery for a beer and then on to see the Clydesdales. Yesterday January 22, 2009 we went to sea world and stopped as usual and my husband mentioned how he loved coming there to eat at the deli and get free beer and see the horses, and the tender at the bar said “better enjoy it today as it’s the last week we’ll be open” “We are closing down”. Is this true? and if so it will sorely be missed.
    I wished I had known they would be in the Palm Beach area as stated above. We surely would have gone to see them. They are magnificient creatures.

  38. One of my favorite ways to start or end a day is to
    watch the 9/11 Budweiser commercial. Thank you for
    that wonderful tribute.

  39. Do the horses walk in sync? each starting on the same foot and moving the same foot at the same time?

  40. Hello,
    I’ve been a Bud Clydales Hitch fan forever. Used to help braid the manes when showing with G.Bushes show horse.
    Does anyone remember the “Eight Horse PONY hitch” in the 70’s & 80’s that used to proceed the Big Horse hitch when they were at BIG Shows, Chicago, New York etc. Some of the VERY Big Class A hunter & jumper shows.
    I would love to get a picture of that hitch if anyone has a picture I can copy off Email or anyone knows where I can find information I would be grateful
    Kathy Rowland

  41. is it possible for a person to obtain a used shoe from one of the budwiser clydesdales? if so how would someone go about doing that?

  42. These horses are so Majestic… to be near them , you can feel the nobility. What an honor to serve them… Ever since I was little and got to see them perform at our county fair they have made a lasting impression on me. One that I would love to share with my children. Can you tell me if there is a way to find out where they are showing so I can take my daughter

    Anna E.

  43. HI, I work with the Clydesdales at Busch in VA! They are such a joy to be around and they have sooo much personality! This is the best job ever, i hope we get to keep them at the parks next year.

  44. I was the Production Director of the Parades at The 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN where the Budweiser Clydesdales were in our 5 pm parade each afternoon, unless it rained.

    The Budweiser Clydesdales and the wagon was a big hit.
    So was the dalmation dog, until he broke his leg, and the owners reviewed his presence for the daily parade.

  45. think of bridling those horses
    gosh you would need a step stool

    but they have unbelievable care I went there at the stables and the straw was miles high

  46. I have purchased a Clyesdale for a pleasure horse, and I was wondering what do they wash the feathers with. My horse does not get bathed daily or weekly for that matter, but I would like to try to keep his feathers clean.

    • They use Show Snow and Quick Silver. I used to work with them at Busch Gardens.

      • Thanks Katie for your reply. Would they use these products the day of an event or whenever they got a bath. Where would I buy such products and how often can I use them?
        P.S. I’m jealous that you worked with them ! 🙂

  47. When they stayed at the Hunt Club in Grosse Pointe, MI in 2007, it was the most glorius time of my life. Visiting them everday they stayed, they are the most magnificent creatures I ever met. Couldn’t believe how gentle & loving they were. They were like big puppies playing together & protective of each other. Will never forget them. They got use to me visiting everyday with permission from their team. They use to let me stroke & hug them. They would run full force up to me & stop it was so gorgeous. My best day was the day they were leaving, I got to hug & kiss them. Thank You so much

  48. One of the most beautiful creatures in the world! I love all of the commercials. Keep them going, and thank you for giving us all such happy memories.

  49. This was the first time I looked up the Clydesdales now that I have a computer and I was so amazed that so many people feel as I do about these magnificant animals, I was able to see them up close at the LA county fair many years ago and also at Sea World in San Diego. I missed the Christmas commercial this past year that is my favorite but the ones that encompas all are the Super Bowl commercials they are what I look for each year this year there was only one with the long horn steer, and also I missed them in the Rose Parade were they there or did I just miss them? Beautiful Beautiful, keep them coming!!!!!

  50. Just saw the horses yesterday and am going again today. Yesterday saw Nick and could not get the other horses name. Sounded like Elite. Is their a way to find out their names? They are so beautiful and gentle. A mentally challenged man was holding the horses head in his hands and kissing him over and over. What a neat thing to see this man,and Nick just standing there loving it!!! Today we see the wagon also. Love their commercials!!! Nancy Sebring, FL

  51. Also, the men handling them were so very helpful and nice. They do a super job!! Thanks to them and Bud!! Nancy Sebring, FL

  52. Living in St.Louis all my life I have grown up seeing these horses and am still in aawww when I see them at the brewery, Cardinal games and Grant’s Farm. You can never get enough of them!

  53. My husband, son and I just saw the Clydesdale horses in Bay City, MI. They are the most beautiful horses that I have ever seen. It was wonderful to see them in person and how well they are taken care of. I would love to own one but will have to settle for just looking at their beauty for now.

  54. There’s never enough said about the Clydesdales. My first intro with the Clydesdale was 1990 at Seaworld. That to me was an unforgetable expereince. I had never see such a majestic horse . From that day on I have become a clydesdale fan. I am from Ct. Every fall I visit the BIg EASTERN ST EXPO IN SPRINGFIELD MASS JUST TO SEE THE CLYDESDALES PARADE AN MAKE SOME PHOTOS OF THEM.

  55. i am from scotland and have my own clydesdales, i have worked with them for many years, but was amazed to see the real thing when i went to sea world when i was in Florida in 2008. They are one of the most majestic breeds of animal on the planet, and cant wait to go back to see them again.

  56. Where were the first Clydesdale horses purchased before they became the famous Budweiser Clydesdales?

    • This may be of some assistance to you. I live in a small village in Lanarkshire, Scotland called Gartcosh. The local farmer and landowner was called James Chapman who bred Clydesdales and I am nearly certain that it was from his farm that the original Clydesdales were exported to the USA in the early 1930s and were sold to Budweiser . I can clearly remember watching these magnificent animals running about the local fields. On a visit to the brewery in 2000, I saw photos of some of the most famous horses and I think there were references to the original Chapman Farm although at 76 years My memory is not exact. i

      • Thanks for your reply. I heard a rumour that they might have been originallysold at a farm in Princeton, IL, USA

      • Hello John I too was born and brought up in Gartcosh. I lived in Johnston Road near the farm. Chapman was indeed world famous for Clydesdales and I would like to think you are correct. I have many photos of myself and friends with the horses in the fields around our house . They were so well mannered and gentle. Beautiful memories.

    • I believe I know where they come come from. The Tice farm located just a few miles north of Lynnville Iowa. There were two teams that Mr Tice (founder of Tice Feed& Grain) raised and showed. They had just won a national title when he was approached by August Busch Jr. I used to live about 1/2 mile from the farms’ location. I don’t know if the Tices still own it, but I can tell you that Percheron draft horses are still raised there.The source of this info is the Tice family history and a PBS story.

  57. GOD ALMIGHTY has truely created a MAGESTIC form of BEAUTY and GRACE in The Clydesdales. What a wonderful sight. The gentle giants are BREATH TAKING to say the least. I have had the pleasure of seeing them only once. With my heart pounding, eyes wide with excitement ,I stood in AWE of their WONDER and BEAUTY. I never tire of watching the commercials and wish for more. I Thank GOD for sharing one of HIS most MAGNIFICANT creations with us.
    One must also recognise the trainers who spend so much time with them. They are the unsung heros behind the senes. Thank You to all the hard working people who spend endless hours of devotion and training to bring out The Clydesdales individual personalities and talents, and allow THEM to SHINE in ALL THEIR GLORY. Thank You for AN EXPERENCE of a LIFE TIME . Doris Cochran
    Chattanooga, Tn.
    Please come back soon!!!

  58. I was in Canton, Ohio in 1970 visiting family as a 9 year old child. we walked a few blocks to a small park/ stable and saw the wonderful horses in a small barn, they were the most beautiful animals I’ve ever seen! The man told us they were boarded there while in town for a parade. later that day they were being loaded in to a huge truck to go to another town. I can’t remember where in Canton, Ohio this little park was, except it was right next to the freeway. Do you have stables like that in Canton? I thought we took a picture, but I can’t find it. But I have wonderful memories. Thanks Cindy

  59. i love the clydesdales they are soooo pretty!!! ❤

  60. One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a child was watching the Budweiser Clydsdale commercial. I was fascinated with the horses and the song. To this day when I see them tears come to my eyes because they bring me back to my childhood and time when life was innocent and humble….and I still believed in Santa Claus!

  61. What a great article it’s always nice to see the old ads.

  62. I saw the Budweiser Clydesdales at the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade today. I was able to get a short video, as well as some great pictures of these magnificent creatures. I am a longtime fan, having first seen them at The 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their massive strength and incredible beauty will stay with me forever. When the eight horse hitch thundered down Abercorn Street in Savannah today, I had chills and my eyes welled up with tears. They are breathtaking!

  63. I have my own Clydesdale, and would not own any other. He is the most kind loving animal I have every known,, his soul is true and hes my best friend. He is magical and beautiful. I love my Clydesdale and we love the Budweiser team.

  64. I love my Clydesdale, she owns my heart that is for sure. Her gentle nature goes unsurpassed. My Barley girl comes from the Budweiser family, and at 7 years young, she amazes me with how agile she is for such a big girl. I’m having a hard time keeping her back feathers white though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you !

  65. I grew up with horses, sad to say not a clydesdale. Just wanted to share my favorite horse poem; There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of man.” Everytime I see your Clydesdales I feel this poem in my soul.

    Best regards,

  66. OMG, I got to see these beautiful horses last night at the Morton, Illinois Pumpkin Festival. I stood there in awe. I couldn’t believe how tall and big they were. And the two in front walk with their heads held high. Totally awesome!!!

  67. I live in St. Louis and these gorgeous animals are one of the greatest things about our city! We see them at Grant’s Farm, and we will see them today in the 2011 World Champion Parade at Busch Stadium! Thank you, Cardinals!

  68. I have had the privilege of seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales over the years at the Wisconsin State Fair. Each time I have seen them I get chills watching them work. They are truly a sight to see and when those years come that they are not in attendance, it is just not the same. I truly believe that the beauty of heaven will include Clydesdales! Thank you to everyone for all your work and care for these animals.

  69. Wonderful article.

  70. hello excellent post I’m a big Arsenal fan from Germany

  71. when I first saw the Budweiser horses I was blown away. they are a magnificant animal. I’ve gone to St. Louis to Grants farm and have seen them up close. It would be a shame if they were ever stopped. the Gentle Giants are truely an American tradition that should never be put away.

  72. I meet 10 of them today because they are staying where I board my horses, and they are so beautiful

  73. During 1949 and 1950 I drove a Six Horse Hitch of Clydesdales, often at the same Fairs as your magnificent Clydesdales driven by Walter Brady. Each time I continue to see them they seem to look more magnificent that the time before. THANK YOU Budweiser for continuing to keep those beautiful horses in front of the public, and congratulations for being NUMBER ONE in all aspects of your endeavors.

  74. beautifully narrated and detailed, loved reading them.

    And thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your ‘Likes’

  75. I love the Clydes so much, they are such a beauty and can really touch peoples heart! When I was 3 years old the Clydes came here to Minneosta and I got to meet them , that is when my love for horses truly began and that is one of the only things I remember as a little kid. Years later now I get to ride and do chorses for a stable and her husband works for bud and brought home a retired Budweiser Clydesdale about 5 years ago. Dexter is such a sweetheart and is such an honor to be able ride and bond with! He is one of the greatest horses that I have got to do things with and knowing what he got to do is such a great feeling. Dexter even got to be in one the commericals! Thank you Budweiser for giving us such a blessing!

  76. I have a question pertaining to Columbus, Ohio in the late 60’s, early 70’s, when a team of Clydesdales (and Buffalo) were housed on the grounds at the Busch plant. I remember, as a child of around 5 or 6, maybe, going to the Great Western shopping Center every Friday with my mom. She would go into Krogers to shop and I would wait in the car until the Clydesdales came. They would come and deliver beer around 1, I think. I loved watching them come, then would go in the store and find my mom. This was during the time when the “Wonders of the World” was at Great Western shopping center. Does any one else remember this? Can you confirm my memories?

  77. It was in middle 1950’s we saw them in Casper, Wyoming how could anyone ever forget those beautys .
    Today at near 83 years I enjoy viewing the framed prints of these great giants and hope to see them again .

  78. I so enjoyed reading these posts. Thank goodness for the internet and for the beautiful Clydesdales. Truly amazing creatures indeed. Thank you, Budweiser.

  79. Wonderful.
    as a Teenager in Edmonton I saw them when Carlsberg beer was introduced to the Prairies.(CALSBERG BEER WAS BRUWED IN Esbjerg FOR SAME TIME) wonderful, I think the driver was named Carl, When we went on Vacation to Copenhagen and went to Carlberg we ask for the driver, but they had never heard about him. However, we all enjoyed the horses and the driver too. I am now 78 and enjoyed the wonderful experience every dag being able to see the Carlsberg wagon and the wonderful horses showing up around town. VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE. Thank you. Hope somebody can remember the Clydesdale horses in Esbjerg mange years ago

  80. Do the Clydesdales eat the spent grain from the brewery? It is whole grain, as prescribed by their diet. Thanks!

  81. After showing Paint Horses for 14 years I decided to get a Clydesdale and use it for riding and driving. I ended up with a handsome 18hds. bay with white socks and a blaze. Moses was a rescue horse who was neglected. He is the sweetest horse I’ve been around. My other is also a rescue who was badly abused. He is a small 16.1hds, bay with white socks and a blaze. He is a mini me to Moses. I absolutely adore these horses, but I will say that they are high maintenance compared to my Paint horses. The feathers are a job. Kudos to all the groomers of the Budweiser Clydes.

  82. I was also led to believe by a relative of Mr Jimmy Chapman that he exported Clydesdales all over the world as he did Scotch Terrier dogs. They were all champions at some time. On a trip to Busch Gardens i also saw the notice that read the Budweiser horses came from Johnston stock which was the name of Mr Chapman’s house and farm. His horses names were normally preceded with the name Johnston…………… I think the world famous Budweiser horses originally came from true Scots stock.

  83. I always wanted to see the Clydesdales ‘in person’. I had seen them in countless pictures and videos and when they came to Cape Coral, Florida in February 2018 I just had to see them. When the three tractor trailers with police escort and lights and sirens arrived I couldn’t believe how emotional I got. They are just beautiful creatures, so majestic and gentle. I am so happy that I did finally get to see them and I took a lot of pictures to remember them.

  84. Why do teams of clydale horses walk in step with each other. I notice they are in step within two steps of starting. I have the Budweiser hourses and other Clydesdales many and they do it all the time.

    Thanks (who is their drill sergeant)

  85. LOVE these beautiful horses!
    Thank you for taking such wonderful care of them and providing such a loving forever home. Thousands of their equine cousins are not so blessed.

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