Moose Logging


This story is from a letter written by
Pete Lammert with the Maine Forest Service


The man in the picture is Jacques Leroux who lives near Escourt Station, Maine. He has always had work horses, first for actual work and then for show at Maine’s’ many summer fairs.

I think he had two matched pairs, one Clydesdales and the other Belgiums.

He would turn them out to pasture each morning and then work them in the afternoon dragging the sled around the fields.

Three springs ago, he noticed a female moose coming to the pasture and helping herself of the hay and what grain the work horses didn’t pick up off the ground.

Jacques said he could get within 10 feet of the moose before it would turn and move off.

Two springs ago, the moose foaled at the edge of the work horse pasture and upon getting to it’s feet had not only the mother in attendance but the four horses.

The young moose grew up around the horses and each afternoon when Mr. Leroux took the teams for their daily exercise the yearling moose would trail along the entire route next to the near horse.

At some point, the yearling got so accustomed to Mr. Leroux that, after he had brushed each horse after a workout, he started brushing down the moose.

The moose tolerated this quite well so Mr. Leroux started draping harness parts over the yearling to see how he would tolerate these objects.

The yearling was soon harness broken and now came the question of what could you do with a harness broke moose.


Oh no!  It just ain’t true !!
Yep, sure nuf’ … they got me !!

And to add insult to injury, I’m even way behind the times.
his story started making the rounds nearly a year, ago.
Check it out, unless you (like me) still believe in Santa.

Link: The real trufff … according to Snoops

However, these photos are true (I hope)




Ben Moore’s Moose In Harness
Historical Photographs
University of Alaska, Fairbanks


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  1. I love this story! I would never have believed it possible to harness a moose without this picture to prove it. Who ever would have thought????

  2. As a life long Mainer, this is destined to become one of my all time favorite hoaxes. Digital technology is facinating isn’t it? Thanks for sharing. It’s good for tourism! I’m going to post “the rest of the story” this weekend.

  3. Hi Jolynna,
    I was really fascinated with that story. Hope it’s true.

    Hi Ell:
    Oh no. Please tell me it’s true!

  4. Ell …
    You sent me researching this story a little further.

    They got me for sure! I even wrote to the Maine Forestry Department for accurate details. They are probably in hysterics right now over this crazy lady in California. Yep, they got ‘um another one!

    I try to pride myself on checking out information. Humm, guess it was too late at night when I posted this.

    Thanks for clueing me in on the fun you have in Maine with gullible people … especially in California. ‘Twas great fun !!

    By the way, you mentioned that this was one of your “favorite hoaxes”. Please tell me … what are the others? 🙂

  5. Cute story! But being a bit of a photoshop’er myself I would say that picture is definately fake …

    Here’s another good one:


  6. kkk,

    Figures YOU would catch it.

    Now about the link you included … that did not fool me.
    I’m feeling encouraged, right now.

    Actually, I’m hoping I get zapped with all kinds of catchy tricks. I think I’m up to it, now.

  7. A hoax but, suitably exploited, it could be good for Maine tourism. Just think how much the Scots have made out of the “Loch Ness Monster”.

  8. Hi Translvanianhorseman,
    Oh yes, that good ol’ “Loch Ness Monster”.

    But who would have thought it of those wonderful people in Maine. Must be the freezing cold nights they have with time to spin a good yarn.

    And about their tourism:
    Who knows, maybe I would have been one of the tourists hunting through the forests of Maine for the elk pulling logs.

    I love getting caught by a joke, but did I have to be so far behind the times?

  9. Ohhhhh…I loved it when I thought that moose really pulled logs.:(

    It was a good story.

  10. I thought…”How cool is that! They had a special harness made and everything!” Great story…I would have believed it to:-)

  11. I took a close look at the pict in Photoshop, and couldn’t tell if it was fake. The resolution is such that it’s not easy to spot. The harnesses hang very accurately on the moose.
    I’m kinda sorry that it’s not true. I was looking for the video when I found this.

  12. very funny. I had no idea it was fake untill I read the comments. oh i’m so going to pass this one on!!

  13. Very Very Cute! HA!

  14. Strange it is so hard for people to believe this could happen. Horse and cows and moose and other deer-like animals have much in common. All of our domesticated animals of today come from something that lived in the “wild” once like a moose. So why not?

  15. I see the photo and it looks very real to me.
    I thrive on man’s unique relationship with animals and this does not seem so far out as some others.
    If it is fake I need to see proof, and if it is not then I would still like proof! Meantime it remains the wallpaper for my computer…
    Californian by birth, Texan by choice.

  16. actually when you look at it rear legs it looks very fake

  17. I am a moose lover!
    I love to see moose! I love to call moose !
    I love when they come to my call!
    I love when my cedar arrow flies true and pierces the animals heart.
    I love to eat moose!
    I have eaten many moose!
    I believe these pictures are possible and the animals are anatomically correct!

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