Whoa! Meet My Therapist


(Midnight’s Royal Ebony)


All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay,
and he’ll listen to me all day.


When a horse greets you with a nicker
and regards you with a large and liquid eye,
the question of where you want to be
has been answered.


 Whoever said money can’t buy happiness …
never owned a horse.


How Royal Came Into Our Lives

A Gift From Ebony

Published on March 28, 2007 at 10:49 pm  Comments (34)  

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  1. Look at that big, black horse!

  2. Royal is one STUNNING horse…opps…I mean “therapist” LOL. Do you ride a particular dicipline or a variety?

  3. Hi Peggy,

    Glad you think he is beautiful, I’ll pass the word along to him.

    My specialty is just staying in the saddle. In the past, I’ve done the jumping thrills and the John Wayne OMG rides on trail. Now I do comfort riding on gaited horses. Royal is one of the best – sweet, adorable and patient. Thanks.

  4. I think “staying in the saddle” is the highest achievement. Gotta watch out for those USRBs (UnScheduledRollBacks) as I call them LOL.

    My friend has an Icelandic and if I had lots of resources I’d love to participate in that wonderful kind of riding that you enjoy with your gaited guy.

    Many happy trails…

  5. Wow!! What a stunning horse! I have always wanted to ride … perhaps I shall move that task up on my list of “Things to Do during Life”. Again, gorgeous horse … you are quite blessed.

  6. Hi Linda Marie,
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for admiring my boy. I can highly recommend spending time with horses. The only warning is … they are habit forming.
    Hope you have the opportunity, soon.

  7. Oh, wow. He is gorgeous! And I agree with your quote about money not buying happiness, I was going to put that on my blog but never did it. It’s true!

  8. Hi Pony Tail Club,
    Thanks for your comment on Royal. He is a sweetheart. I’m sure lucky to have him!

    That quote you mentioned should be on every horse site … it’s true for everyone, I think. He sure makes me happy!

  9. http://www.storiesofahorsefanatic.blogspot.com/

    Hey Marvel,
    I really do love your blog site and check it often for unusual stories. I LOVE the mini in the pub, that’s very cute.
    Didn’t know if you’d seen my “simple by comparison” blog, but thought I’d pass it along.
    take care

  10. so true

  11. What a beautiful horse, and yes, I am sure he is a good therapist, I know all of my horses are good therapists, too. As you say the worst thing is that you get addited to these kinds of therapist. I really like the story about the moose in harness, too. Somewhere I saw a photo of a man riding an elk. These must be special people to get moose and elk to do things like that. You might want to try my Tumblweed Crossing blog, too.

  12. Hi Tazzicatt,
    Enjoyed your Tumbleweed Crossing. Added it to my favorite reads. Thanks.

  13. Hi SM- Thanks for coming to visit my blog! Royal is a big beautiful boy – and everyone knows that the black horse travels between both worlds – no wonder he’s a good therapist! I’m sure my two red-haired girls would flip over him. I’m enjoying your blog too. Merry Christmas!

  14. As secretary of the Caspian Horse Society of the Americas I do some scurrying around trying to keep track of Caspians. Do you have contact info for Donna O’Neil? I’d like to encourage her to join CHSA and keep those rare horses registered.

    Hello Dick,
    Perhaps you could reach Donna O’Neil via the website for her farm which is Marsh Haven Farm at:


    Hope that is of help.

  15. Can we share a story about our lovely Andalusian horses that serve in our program as therapists? How do we get that story to you?

    Hello Naomi,

    Thanks for your offer of a story about your therapy program.

    I looked at your website and it would seem that you have many stories to be told.
    Horses That Heal: http://horsesthatheal.org

    Congratulations on your remarkable work.

    I will contact you directly.


  16. wow what a beautiful horse, black…….
    my dream to have it, but its so expensive……..
    i love this blog hmmmmmm ^_^.

  17. He is so Big and Beautiful. He is the most Beautiful Horse I have ever seen!!!!
    I had a horse named Royal but he passed away a year ago. It was said. But he is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL horse.
    VERY VERY VERY VERY Stunning and Beautiful

    Hi Samantha,
    I’m sure your Royal was very beautiful. Thanks for your kind words about my big boy, Royal. I’ll go to the barn right now and tell him you think he is beautiful! He will appreciate that very much.

  18. my horse keeps me sane and present. Can we ask for more?

    Here’s to more saddles and less couches!

  19. Here’s a hello from Germany for you and Royal – and yes, he is sooo beautiful!

    I found your blog via Deborah Butterfield’s website about two weeks ago and am very happy to have found you.

    Please give Royal a kiss from me (if he lets himself be kissed by strangers *g*)


    • Hello Nicole,
      Royal was thrilled to receive a “kiss” from Germany! He says thank you very much for your kind words about him!

      We are both very happy to hear from you!


  20. Looks a lot like my West Point which is a Hannover …..beautiful …really beautiful

  21. Royal is a gorgeous horse! I mean “therapist”. He is one BEAUTIFUL animal. You are totally gifted! What breed is he?

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for your compliment to Royal. I’ll pass it on to him. He is a Tennessee Walker. (the foundation stock=thus he is a big boy with a long glide ride)

  22. How tall is Royal? I have a Tennessee Walker that looks just like him. His name is Tango. (I Hope He Can Tango) He is 16.3hh. It’s not too often that we get to see these Big, Beautiful, Black Boys within the breed! And Yes! What wonderful therapists! My parents both died within a week of each other at the age of 65 and 67. I dont know where I’d be today if I didn’t have my horses!

    • Hello Lorri,
      Royal is 16.3 hh … the same as your Tango. Your are right, the big boys are difficult to find. The magnificent “old” foundation stock is fast becoming history, it seems.
      How sad that you lost both of your parents at such a young age, and at the same time. Horses are such a wonderful comfort.

      Best regards,

  23. OMG… that is some really beautiful pictures :O Both the place their taken in and the horses posing in them :O Wow, I totally whish I was you right now! 😀

  24. I love the horse! I do the jumping thrill though it is a lessons horse not my own(sadly I don’t have my own 😦 ) I love horses and want to spend my life with them. I think that staying in the saddle is my job with horses to. Because I do every kind of riding western, hunter jumper, games, In-Hand, Dressage, and I mean anything!
    Haley 🙂

  25. I have had my own horses and rode until the arthritis called a halt to it all. I loved (and still do love) my horses. They truly are the cheapest therapists you can get. They are beautiful, big, and never tell anyone anything.You were right when you said that the guy who said money couldn’t buy happiness didn’t have a horse.

  26. What beautiful photos! Sounds like my kind of therapist!

  27. Your friend and therapist is simply stunning!! I love this tribute to your amazing horse…just lovely. They are one of our greatest blessings in life. 🙂 Please give him a snuggle for me?

    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks for your note. Really appreciate it. I ran out and gave Royal your snuggle. He sends your a slobbery “thank you”!

  28. It is true that the horses are therapists, and they certainly have helped me, a Viet-nam vet. I have really enjoyed beingaround the rescued horses, as we help each other!

  29. This is great. I believe the horse are the same as a dog and cats. Give back love as they do. Great therapy. I could use this for me.

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