Draft Teams ~ Gotta Love Those Names !


Tom and Jerry


Lucy and Ethel 


 Mickey and Minnie


Ike and Mike


Molly and Dolly


Nip and Tuck


Pete and Repete


And not to be missed … Mule Teams!


Sonny and Cher


Fred and Ted


Jack and Bill

(Read all about Jack and Bill)

If you know more clever names for teams, please let me know. I’m collecting them.  Would appreciate photos, also. Thanks!


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  1. I like those dapples!

    cute names too 🙂

  2. My Dad had a team when we were young and there names were Pitter and Pat. I always said that if I could find two blacks with the names would be changed. HA HA

  3. Barngoddess,
    I think you and I agree … we need a draft (or two)!

    How lucky you were to have grown up with horses like that! “Pitter and Pat” how very clever!!

    If you have photos, I’d love to see them.
    I’m an incurable draft horse lover … and never have had one.

  4. Can’t say that I’ve got any clever names, but I did take some fun pics of a few teams at the fair. I ought to post them…

  5. Hi desperatehorsewife,
    Pics of the teams from the fair? I’ve got such a love affair going for drafts ! Please post them … I’d love to see them.

  6. Bud and Wesier (Wiser)

    lol I saw a team called that.

  7. Hi Reba …
    That is just toooo clever !! Thanks for sending it on to me !

  8. The Old Guard Caisson Horses have some clever names as well. They have a Bo, Luke, and Duke, Brooks and Dunn, Mickey and Minnie, Tom and Jerry, Sam and Sarge, Mack and Mark, Lee and Grant, and many many others. I just thought I would share!

  9. Hi Another Caisson Wife,
    Great names !! Thanks for sending them on!

  10. One of the two teams of Belgians at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO for many years were named Salty and Sailor. And there’s a team of Haflingers (hey, they’re draft PONIES) competing in weight pull in MO named Army and Navy. 😛

  11. Hi Cait,
    Clever names !! Glad you added them to the list. By the way, I went to summer camp in Estes Park. Beautiful place !

  12. A friend of mine has a pair of Leopard Appaloosas (a team) that are truly beautiful. I will send pics as soon as I download them. They are absolutely gorgeous! The team is originally from a horse farm in Kentucky. I love them. They are named Dragon (Dragonfly) and Fire (Firefly). To be continued…




    Hi Rhonda,
    Would love to see photos of the Leopard Appaloosa team ! What clever, clever names!
    I’ll look forward to seeing them … and with your permission, I’d very much like to post their photos and any info about them.

  13. Turbo and Diesel
    Ken(worth) and Pete(rbuilt)
    Tom and Jerry
    Groucho and Harpo
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Ford and Chevy (Chevy foaled Dodge!)
    John and Deere

    The Percherons we have now are Jill and Dolly…not quite as inventive, but they know their names, so we didn’t feel that it would be right to change them!

  14. My new haflinger team is Bonnie and Clyde.

    A Haflinger team … how wonderful. Love the names!

  15. Do you have a list of draft names you could send me? I love using these for the Friesians…

  16. Clever draft team names Some clever names, in the original post AND the comments 🙂

  17. By the way, we have two border collies named Jesse and James.

  18. Ben and Jerry, a Belgian draft team, they just happend to work 18 miles from the original Ice cream factory of the same name.
    Now, that is too cute!

  19. Our friend had a team, Tom and Jerry. When Tom died, he replaced him with Ben. It was a great match.

    Our dapple grey percherons, full brothers, were Bob and Duke. Somehow they just went so well together.
    Clever, clever!

  20. Just came back to your post. We’re trying to think of a name for our newborn Shire. It’s a spotted (looke like a paint) filly. Her mom’s name is Annabelle. Any suggestions?

    You can see her on my blog: http://farmersdaughterct.wordpress.com

  21. I used to drive a team called Bartles and James. Also, we had a team called King and Queen. We had a belgian team called Bold and Beautiful.

  22. We just bought 2 Belgians…..Ivan and Drago….after the Russian fighter on Rocky!

  23. We just bought two Belgians and named them George and Grace.

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