Scrooge, The Police Horse Retires


 Scrooge Heads For Greener Pastures

Inspector Caroline Hemmingway
says Scrooge is fearless and brave.


His grumpy disposition earned him the name Scrooge, but no-one can deny the remarkable service the 20-year-old horse has given the Greater Manchester Police, in Britain.

Scrooge has retired, having given 16 years of service as a police mount.

He finished at the end of last week after what his human colleagues in the force all agree was a distinguished career, having chalked up the record as Manchester’s longest-serving police horse.

“He is a fantastic horse and has been a regular on patrol and at football matches,” says Chief Inspector Lynn Roby, head of Manchester’s mounted unit. “We will really miss him but, as he reaches his 20th birthday, he deserves a rest.

“Over the years many officers have learned to ride on Scrooge. He has faced every situation with a steadfast and calm attitude.

It is a sad day for the unit and for me as I often rode Scrooge when on duty at football matches. He is well loved by both officers and grooms.”

The 16.3hh bay joined the force in January, 1991, when nearly four years old.

He was originally named Morris, but all Greater Manchester Police horses are named after Charles Dickens characters.
Morris became Scrooge, because of his grumpy nature.

In the last 16 years he has policed football matches, as well as the Commonwealth Games and a recent Labour Party conference.

Inspector Caroline Hemmingway, who worked with Scrooge for the last four years, described him as fearless and brave. His strong personality helped him in his policing role, she said.

Scrooge will be returned to his former owners in Yorkshire. They have followed his career with interest, and are looking forward to taking care of him in his retirement.