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Horses In History: Fauerbach Brewery Madison, Wisconsin 1890


 Fauerbach’s Brewery was Madison’s first brewery in 1848 and run by Peter Sprecher until bought by Peter Fauerbach in 1868.


 The Fauerbach ad is depicting a young woman and the brewery.


Fauerbach Brewery building was built by Peter Sprecher in about 1860.

This brick building was later replaced in the 1890’s by Peter Fauerbach. The building housed a Tasting Room and offices for the brewery business.


In April 2007, the Fauerbach Brewery of Madison, Wisconsin celebrated their 120th Anniversary with the following announcement.


Fauerbach Celebrates 120th Year of Brewing: April 7, 2007

5th Generation Brewers of Fauerbach Amber and Fauerbach Export –  “The Favorite Since 1848 “Madison, Wisconsin

Circulation: Marketed in Western and Central Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Chicago

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