Morgan Horses To Repeat Famous Trotting Race


The Morgan Mile Road Race will, for the eighth time in a row, create history on September 8, 2012 in Brookfield, Vermont.

Morgan horses will, again, race a half mile on the same road that Justin Morgan did over two hundred and sixteen years ago.

Organizer Dennis Tatro and The Vermont Morgan Horse Association have put together a series of trotting races in which Morgan Horses will race two at a time. Races will be at a trot, under saddle as well as in harness.

Justin Morgan was a living legend. In the manner of so many heroes, he began as an unremarkable colt and became the father of an entire breed of horses recognized for quality and dependability.

It was in 1796 that Justin Morgan raced down this old Vermont road against two New York running horses.  He defeated both easily.

Justin Morgan won races with regularity and was considered a “fleet runner at short distances.”

Running horses down public roads for what was generally an agreed upon distance of eighty rods was very common in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Horses were started from “scratch.”

It was said that Justin Morgan could “toil all day and win races at dusk!”

He was famed for his versatility, willingness, and even temperament. He was able to plow fields, pull a stylish carriage, be ridden under saddle, and win in races. His progeny went on to dominate the trotting race world until the mid-nineteenth century.

Justin Morgan Statue
University of Vermont

The Vermont Morgan Horse Association website says:  Do you have a Morgan Horse that can out trot these Morgans? Then bring it to the Morgan Mile Trotting Races and see if you can beat last year’s Champions!

Come trot on the same road that Justin Morgan did over 200 years ago”


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  1. Very cool event to re-enact, and what a great breed 🙂

  2. I recall reading Justin Morgan had a Horse when I was in grade school. What a love of the Morgan breed that instilled in me! Sends a shiver of excitement down my spine to hear they’ve recreated the Morgan Mile.

  3. Sounds like an exciting day. We visited the Morgan farm when we were in Vermont some years ago. Loved to meet the horses and take the tour.

  4. There is also a new book about this famous race, Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race by Ellen Feld. A children’s book with full-color illustrations by Jeanne Mellin.

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