Horses Get Fake Gucci Sunglasses

It seems that Leicestershire, England has a bumper crop of fake designer sunglasses worth nearly $100,000.  These were being sold in markets and from cars. All  failed to meet safety requirements.

After the officers of the Leicestershire Trading Standards seized around 480 counterfeit brands, the problem was what to do with them in an environmentally responsible manner.

It was then decided to give these designer sunglasses to the horses.

The sunglasses will be shredded and made into stall bedding for horses.

Although this was considered an unusual method of disposal, it was decided that recycling them into the animal product was the safest and most useful.  Keith Regan, from trading standards, stated that ‘it was a good use rather than using natural products’.

The sunglasses will be given to a company free of charge to be manufactured into horse bedding.


Re-written from news article:
BBC News

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  1. Did they ask the horses if they would rather lie on bedding made from the glasses or would they rather wear them on sunny days. That’s an awfully cute picture. I can just see Dusty in a pair!

  2. The cows and sheep are laughing at them…

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