Early Summer Scene: Beauty In Gold

Akhal-Teke filly “Azmele”

Original Upload: Posted by permission


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  1. Beautiful photo with great color and light. Her eyes are very sweet and I’m sure she is too.

  2. Thanks for posting my photo! and thanks for the nice comment, she is a sweet horse.
    Great website! I’m having fun going through it now!!

  3. Oh my God, she is wonderful! She is an Elf Horse, isn’t she?! I just know she is đŸ™‚

    Regards from Germany

  4. What an adorable filly in Sepia!

  5. What a gorgeous horse and a fantastic photo! Stunning.

  6. Marvel…? Everything ok with you?
    Best wishes!!!

  7. I have to agree as well. A beautiful horse and a lovely photo!

  8. simply beatiful…I love Akhal Teke horses. They have a unique elegance.

  9. Please post again soon…Your blog is so unique!

  10. What a beautiful horse and a lovely horse blog!

  11. What an absolutely elegant horse!!! I would love to know more about her personality and training. Marge

  12. Such a beautiful photo. The light makes the filly look so sweet. I love this site!

  13. Nice shot ! nice horse and colours!
    what about the camera? a reflex?

  14. What a beautiful picture. It looks so warm and inviting. I wish I could just reach in and give this horse a hug.

  15. I too have a fascination with brewery horses!

  16. Love the photo so much, nice color and blending. so cute

  17. Wow! Fantastic photo and such a beautiful horse, well done photographer and thank you for sharing with us – Sharon

  18. What a beautiful picture!

  19. Great photo. Going to be a stunner!

  20. What a beautiful animal! đŸ™‚

  21. Great Blog. You haven’t written for a while..?

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