London Police Horse Pals Retire Together

Vincent and Ursula


Two inseparable horses are set to retire together after spending a total of 30 years in London’s Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch.

Vincent, 22, and Ursula, 21, have built a special bond over the past 18 months after sharing adjoining stalls and playing together in the field at the Met’s stables in Surrey.

Not wanting to separate the two, the staff has arranged for the retiring duo to be sent to the same farm in East Sussex to share out their lives, together.

This was a special exception as horses are rarely retired to one location.

Inspector Alan Hiscox, chief instructor at the Metropolitan Police’s Mounted Branch Training Establishment, said: “Vincent and Ursula have contributed to every aspect of policing in the Mounted Branch, from frontline patrols and ceremonial duties, right through to training our younger horses and new officers”.

The Mounted Branch was established in 1760 and currently has over 140 officers and 120 horses at eight operational stables spread across London.

They have a  variety of roles including, high visibility patrols, public order duties as well as specific crime initiatives and specialist events, such as   trooping the color.

Every officer and horse receives extensive training. They ensure that both horse and rider are well equipped to deal with the rigors of policing in the capital.

Vincent and Ursula have both had illustrious careers having  served at football matches at Wembley and also at the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

Inspector Alan Hiscox  says: “I have had the honor of riding both Vincent and Ursula, they are very special horses.

“It has been very heartening to see them grow close and they deserve many long and happy years of retirement.”

Both horses will now live out their lives together. They will occasionally be ridden, go for walks and spend time in pasture.

They will be well looked after in their deserved retirement.


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  1. That was truly a heartwarming story. I think they look adorable together, almost as if they are a husband and wife team. Hope they will be happy together for many years to come.

  2. What a wonderful story. How do you do it? All I hear is bad news.

    Thank you for this beautiful and touching post. I hope they have many happy years at pasture.

  3. I love reading these type of stories on your blog. It makes a great start to my day! A lovely couple 😀

  4. This story made my day! I am so happy for them.

  5. theyre beautiful! love the story

  6. It is a very moving and beautiful story. Thank you for posting this.

  7. just to let everyone know vincent very sadly passed away last month whilst out playing in his field with ursula. he was 23 years old and enjoyed every day of his 17 month retirement. he will be very very sadly missed by everyone that knew him. RIP vincent xx

  8. Love this story. So lovely.

  9. So sorry to hear about Vincent, at least he had a wonderful life and retirement, sadly more than many horses today can hope for. Sincerely hope Ursula is coping without him.

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