The “999” Pony


In Southampton, England there is a pony that is creating a rush of emergency calls from caring people that are driving by her pasture.

The message to the fire brigade is always the same: Come quickly, a poor little pony is stuck in the mud.

The reason for the emergency calls is not that the pony is sunk in the mire, but that she simply has very short legs.

Her owner is considering putting up a sign outside the field to advise motorists that “Mayflower”  is a stocky pony, not a stuck pony.

The problem with putting up a sign is that one day she might actually get stuck and then the fire brigade won’t turn up, says the owner.

“Mayflower” is a cross between a Shetland pony and a New Forest pony.  She inherited the Shetland’s short legs and the New Forest pony’s long body.

Her unusually short legs compared to the other ponies in the pasture that surround her cause Mayflower to stand out, or rather semi-disappear.  Thus the cause for all the excitement.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s animal rescue team have been called out numerous times to rescue the animal since it started grazing on the salt marshes at Redbridge, Southampton.

This has included  a specialist lifting vehicle, 12 fire fighters, two to three fire trucks plus an animal rescue expert.

Every time the highly trained firefighters rush to the scene they find the same horse … “Mayflower”.

So, what does Mayflower think of all this?

She simply trots her little self off to prove that she’s not stuck at all, but quite simply minding her own business doing what ponies do … grazing.


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  1. That’s very amusing and she is really adorable. I’ll bet she’s a character.

  2. Oh too hilarious!
    I see where you would not want the sign posted..she really could get stuck one time!

  3. Technically, wouldn’t it be the “999” pony? Being British and all…

    Hi Mac,
    Oh my, you are absolutely right! And I see that it is even the world’s oldest emergency number.
    Thanks for the info, must correct that!

  4. Wow, Mayflower really does have short legs!

  5. Cute little thing…the Basset Hound of ponies.

  6. It looks to me that Mayflower pony is a “liloc dwarf”. Not just a pony on short legs.

  7. oh wow! so cute!

  8. Unique and very amusing. I run a Blog on the New Forest at and would like to put a feature link there. Thanks for sharing Mayflower with us.

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