After 436 Years, Spanish Riding School Take In Women

It’s no longer a man’s world
in Austria’s most sophisticated stables.


The country’s prestigious Spanish Riding School, for centuries a bastion of masculinity, is modernizing.   On Wednesday, the 436-year-old institution officially presented its first female riders-in-training.

21-year-old Hannah Zeitlhofer, from the Austrian capital,
and Sojourner Morrell, a 17-year-old British national


The school, which was founded in 1572 and is part of Vienna’s former imperial Hofburg Palace complex, is known for elegant white Lipizzaner stallions.

Every year, throngs of tourists from around the world watch as the horses, led by male riders in identical uniforms, gracefully perform exercises and jumps.

Allowing women to sit in the saddle marks a distinct break with tradition. But for Elisabeth Guertler, the director, opening up the exclusive club reflects the realities of modern life.

“What speaks against it?” Guertler told reporters. “Today, ladies and gentlemen both have to earn their keep and prove themselves.”

In the 18th century, ladies of the Austrian royal court regularly rode the Lipizzaner horses but were not recruited to be trainers.

Spanish Riding School spokeswoman Barbara Sommersacher said Guertler, who started managing the institution less than a year ago, personally pushed for the candidacies of women to be taken into consideration.

“For her, it just wasn’t acceptable,” Sommersacher said. “For Ms. Guertler, traditions are good as long as they’re adapted to current times.”

The young women making history are 21-year-old Hannah Zeitlhofer, from the Austrian capital, and Sojourner Morrell, a 17-year-old British national who grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York.

The two were dressed in identical riding gear with their hair tucked into caps.

“I’m very happy — it’s my dream come true,” Morrell said.

Morrell, whose father is British, said she has always loved horses and wrote to the school “out of the blue” after taking a tour of the establishment while on vacation in Vienna with her mother when she was 15.

Zeitlhofer, a broad smile on her face, echoed Morrell’s enthusiasm.

“I’m still trying to believe it,” said Zeitlhofer, who always wanted to become a rider and recently got a degree in equestrian science.

“People are totally nice and we’re not treated any differently … I’m completely elated!” she said.

The competition for the posts is fierce.

The school, which claims to be the world’s oldest, receives “countless” applications from around the world, Guertler said.

The Lipizzaners long served as a symbol of Austria’s past glory during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which stretched across much of Europe.

Austria’s former ruling royal family, the Habsburgs, went to Spain centuries ago to buy horses and founded a stud farm in what is now Slovenia.

The school, privatized in 2001, also operates the Piber stud farm in the southern Austrian province of Styria.


Re-written from news sources:

Website: Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Simply Marvelous Post: Spanish Riding School Photo


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  1. Well it’s about time!

  2. I ditto greyhorse…it’s about time!

    I understand traditions can be difficult to change but honestly….there are some outstanding women in the horse world today.

  3. Me too!!

  4. I would like to wish both girls the very best of luck with their training.

  5. About time!!! Yeah!!

  6. What a nice thing to hear today..thanks for reporting that to us all!

  7. Yay!! That’s exciting. And high time. They’re gonna do great. Thanks for running this story. I do believe that you have the scoop. (The news kind, not the barn kind.)

  8. I went on a tour of the Spanish Riding School a few years ago and of course someone asked the question “can women apply for a job here” – a question that the female tour guide rather uncomfortably sidestepped. It’s good that the establishment has moved forward.

  9. I had no idea that women weren’t allowed in. When I’ve seen the touring company (possibly not related to the Spanish Riding School) there have been women riders. I guess that proves they weren’t related to the “real” thing.

    Very interesting story. Beautiful photos, as always.

  10. Wonderful news. I hope the girls really enjoy their training, and wish them the very best of luck.

  11. Thank you for sharing!

  12. FINALLY!!!! Thanks for this. I hope they enjoy their training.

  13. That’s brilliant news!

  14. That’s such excellent news! Congrats to those two girls!

  15. Dedication, love and skill that is required to train and ride these magnificent creatures should be shared by both men and women; Each brings a different ability and tenderness towards the horses.
    Wonderful to see this. Only wish I could see it in person . God Bless you all – and especially the horses.

  16. This is interesting…I’d not actually stopped to realize woman weren’t in there. But it’s an amazing thing it took until the twenty first century. Go to your average stable and the girls seem to outnumber the boys, a least in the english riding world.

  17. i love lipizzaners they are my favourite breed of horse. Ive always dreamed of seeing one in real life!!

  18. This was my dream as a young girl, after reading Marguerite Henry’s, The White Stallion of Lipizza. That was over 45 years ago. I am so thrilled for the two young girls that are now able to live what was only a dream for me!

  19. I am also very happy to see this happen! I wanted to have a Lippizzaner when I was a kid. It was a dream of mine to see them and ride them. Alas, that is not to be. I remember the movie: “Miracle of the White Stallions” as a kid and fell in love.

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