Mind Your Manners And Your Attire At Royal Ascot This Year

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
at Royal Ascot Races


With the Royal Ascot Races only a month away, the word is out.  It seems things have gotten out of control in the recent past as to what some have chosen to wear to this event and the Queen and her authorities will have none of it.

So, select your outfit carefully.  Visitors to Royal Ascot this June must adhere to a strict dress code if they want to be allowed in.

First, one needs to be reminded that for centuries admission to the Royal Enclosure was a statement of belonging to the social elite.

Traditional morning dress for gentleman has always been mandatory.

Equally suitable formal attire was expected of proper ladies, which, of course, included hats. 

This year, just in case any newcomers were in doubt of how exclusive the honour is, those who transgress the code will be turned away on the orders of Her Majesty’s representative, the Duke of Devonshire.

While gentlemen have not posed a problem, organisers believe that the lines of what is — and what is not — appropriate for ladies have become confused of late.


There will be no strapless dresses,
with hat or without.

There will be no exposure of undue amounts of skin.

In other words, keep it covered.

So, ladies, mind those shoulders,
check the front and the back. 

At Royal Ascot this year,
it will require more than just a hat.


Royal Ascot Website



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  1. wow… definitely a good close up… straight from the uh horse’s mouth? 🙂 Seriously… fabulous photogs

    gp in montana

  2. I guess I won’t be attending this year either seeing as how I was going strapless and backless!

  3. It humour me. In Australia, the more skin the better, especialy at the Melbourne Cup, and if you’re not legless and fall out of a taxi on the way home, you haven’t given it your best.

  4. Great post! Why is it so hard to dress in a decent and classy manner these days?

    I suppose I should be grateful that, as a man, it is quite easy to do so…

    Hi ASC,
    Very interesting blog site you have.


  5. woah .. tradition really is kept !! but maybe we should be adapting to changing society ?? then again .. to look good and keep to these guidlines are more difficult – making it that more interesting !!

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