“The Horse” Featured Exhibit At The American Museum of Natural History



The American Museum of Natural History has announced a major new exhibition, The Horse, opening May 17, 2008 and remaining on view through January 4, 2009.

The Horse will examine the powerful and continuing relationship between horses and humans and explore the origins of the horse family, extending back more than 50 million years.

The exhibition will also examine early interactions between horses and humans that eventually led to horse domestication, and show how horses have, over time, changed warfare, trade, transportation, agriculture, sports, and many other facets of human life.

Museum President Ellen V. Futter states:  “The Horse exhibit will celebrate this magnificent animal while presenting one of the most fascinating stories in the history of life on Earth—the close and complex relationship between horses and humans.

The exhibition will show how the two species have influenced each other through the ages and explore the integral role the horse has played in the history of humanity and civilization.”

Seven life-size fiberglass horses, each over 6½ feet tall, were delivered to the American Museum of Natural History from the Saratoga County Arts Council in upstate New York for display in conjunction with the Museum’s upcoming exhibition .

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s preeminent scientific, educational, and cultural institutions.


Horse Exhibit: Museum of Natural History 

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  1. Civilization, as we know it, lies in the gap in a horse’s teeth.

  2. I hope someday I will visit The Museum of Natural History.

  3. It makes me feel so proud to see these fiberglass horses decorated and out where the community can truly enjoy them. Keep up the good work!
    America’s Fiberglass Animals

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