What If Your Horse Is Stolen?


Debi Metcalfe reunited with
her stolen horse “Idaho”.


If your horse is stolen go directly to:
Stolen Horse International at


A Shelby, North Carolina  woman
has made it her mission to find stolen horses.

Debi Metcalfe and her husband, Harold, lost a family member. Their horse, Idaho, was horse-napped, in broad day light from their pasture.

A year later, they found Idaho in Tennessee.

This is how Stolen Horse International and NetPosse.com was born and has now celebrated over 10 years of success.

The website has Idaho Alerts which are similar to AMBER Alerts for missing children where members are alerted when a horse, tack or even trailers are stolen.

An estimated 40,000 horses are stolen each year in the United States.

During the Metcalfes’ search, someone set up a Web space for the couple and after finding their horse, they decided to help out other people on the Web. That’s how her site NetPosse.com was started.

“We got so much help, I thought I owed it back,” she said.

Since founding her organization, Debi has written a book and been part of television news stories, newspaper and magazine articles and her expertise was used on Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted” in August.

She appeared as the cover story on The Gaited Horse magazine in an edition that sold out and was most recently featured on “Weekend America,” a Public Broadcasting radio show.

We do a lot more than stolen horses,” Debi said. “That’s how we were started, but we do so much more now.”

Her priority is working with people whose horses are missing first. That comes ahead of fundraising and other functions.

“We try to stress that even if the horse is not found alive and well, it’s better to know than have questions,” she said.

Inspiration … Debi has empathy for the people she helps.

On the NetPosse site is a list of stolen or missing horses across the United States. Also included are photos, dates and current status.

Below are just two of the many horses that have been stolen. 
For complete listings:  Click here:


Stolen:  LPS Mr. Jalapeno
Bay Morgan Gelding Missing in California suspected to be in Arizona – Feb. 6, 2007


Fleabitten Grey Arabian Gelding Stolen after dark from Therapy Progam in Newton County, Georgia – Feb. 3, 2008


If you have a horse that has been stolen or strangely disappeared, do not hesitate.  Contact NetPosse.com immediately.

If you recognize the horses pictured above, click on the name of the horse for more information.

It takes everyone working together to keep our horses safe and in their own homes.


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  1. A therapy horse and a show horse who would have thought. Both are pretty high profile horses to me. I guess I expect them to steal something a little more but then I guess that shows what I know.

    40,000 horses stolen a year, I had no clue there were that many. Not good. Thanks for the information. It’s important to know.

  2. I had no idea, scary!

  3. Great post, I had no idea the number was so high. I guess it can happen to anyone. It is good to have this information, thanks.

  4. People are just unbelivable. So many free horses out there – many of them sound and good – and people steal horses. AAAGH!

  5. Good info and lets hope we never have to deal with that. My dad used to hire security guards at the racetrack to sleep in his horses stalls in the days leading up to big races for fear of poisoning or stealing. Pretty crazy what people will do.

  6. back in ’91 I had a horse stolen. a appendix reg AQHA roping gelding named Streak. Luckily, Scooter was NOT taken. When I realized what happened 6 hours later when I returned home from work, I wasted NO TIME. I called the Brand Inspector who is a friend. He got on the ball and recovered my horse who was sold thru a sale about 2 hours away. NOT a good thing to go thru but my horse was able to come home 1 week later, shaken up, thinner but happy to see me.

    It is certain your horse thief met up with the wrong person! How fortunate that you took fast action!
    Sounds like that was a close call with your horse being put through the sale and you still got him back. Congratulations to you on a success story!!


  7. Holy scary!

  8. I didn’t know horse theft was so common in this day and age. It is a scary thought.

    Hi Jolynna,
    Horse theft: I was quite shocked to read the numbers in this day and age. Scary is right!
    I’ve added a few more locks to our gates.


  9. That’s terrible! I had no idea so many horses were stolen. Wonder if we should put locks on our gates? No, then they’d just cut through the fencing.

    Very shocking. Thanks for the info.

  10. Shocking. And scary! Definitely.

  11. We had a horse go missing , found her with a woman who use the excuse she is a horse rescuer and the horse was left on her property. Funny she was on the property days earlier looking to buy a horse, came back and said she didn’t need one anymore. The horse that went missing was in foal, totally stressed out when we found her. There are two more horses and a pony on the property, thin as can be. There must be some laws between saving a horse and horse theft. They say with her claiming this there is nothing we can do. She can’t get away with building her own stable with other people’s horses. ON. Canada

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