Winter Scene ~ Perfect Formation


Photographer: Paul Moody

Original Upload:


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  1. Another marvelous photo….

  2. You always find such gorgeous photos…very cool.

  3. What a perfect photo! Is it real or “photoshopped”? These horses look like Haflingers, where was the photo taken?

    I believe this photo was taken in Vermont.

  4. Belgian draft horses on parade! (Two lovely pairs of Belgians… I wonder who the black ears belong to–a Percheron on the prowl?)

    Beautiful photo.

    Hi !

    Sharp eyes you have.

    That is, indeed, a black draft. Here he is in a “solo” shot. (taken by the same photographer)

  5. beautiful. When I lived in N.MI and the snow was really, really, deep, the horses (Scooter included!) would have trails thru the snow. This photo reminded me of home..

  6. Wow! There’s no landscape (no matter how beautiful) that can’t be improved by adding a horse or two.

    Please keep up the good work…

    Mary Haley

    Hello Mary,
    Thanks for your comments. And especially thank you for the link to your website.
    Excellent information there of great help to all horse people!

  7. Very beautiful indeed, I spotted those black ears back there and thought that was just the perfect angle to hide the rest of the horse. lol

  8. How can you not love the big beautiful golden Belgians :). and in the snow where they look that much more golden.

  9. Beautiful photo!

    Are there extra prints of this photo framed, and for sale, by chance?

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