Horse Painting Sells For $23 Million At Sotheby Auction


 Weidende Pferde III (Grazing Horses III)
Franz Marc


Feb 5, 2008

Franz Marc’s 1910 canvas “Weidende Pferde III (Grazing Horses III)” sold for a record 12.3 million pounds ($23 million)to Mikhail Kamensky, director of Sotheby’s Russia.

This was highest price for an Impressionist & Modern work in 2008.

A magnificent museum quality work, it is the only example from the artist’s iconic paintings of horses still in private hands.


Marc believed that the horse, with its flowing mane and strong, sinuous physicality, symbolised the ideal beauty of nature.

Weidende Pferde III, painted in 1910, is a magnificent example that already exemplifies the objectives of this new wave of German Expressionism.

The rhythmic dynamic postures of the four horses and vibrant colours of the composition evoke the sensation of movement reinforced by the bright greens and yellows of the meadows.

Other examples now hang in the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus in Munich, in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, and in the Busch-Reisinger Museum in Harvard.


News Release: Art Daily

News Release: Bloomberg


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  1. the painting is beautiful.

    $23 million???????????????????OMG!

  2. Wow. At first glance it seems like a relatively simple painting. But looking closer, it’s very detailed and the horse’s are extremely well done.

  3. I love Franz Marc prints—I like the Blue Horses.

  4. We grace and bow. It’s about determining that something is really desireable and manifesting it through the purchase sum. It then becomes that thing, immortally. If I would have come up with the exact same painting maybe it would have fetched some 50 pounds at best :).

  5. Very nice painting, but rediculous that it would sell for 23 mill.

  6. Ok I paint/draw, Who can I talk to, to get my work sold there? I am not bragging, I know there are different styles and beauty is in the eye of the beholder!However… I try to get my horses to look like horses! I would be happy to sell for 1/4 that amount!!

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