Winter Scene: Winter Cowboy


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  1. Sorrels look so pretty in the snow. Very cool picture. Where is his other glove?

    How funny! Leave it to you to spot the missing glove.
    My guess is that the glove is in a snowdrift someplace. He’ll probably find it next spring.

  2. He looks like one happy cowboy!!

  3. Love this photo! He looks cold to me. And I’ll bet that other glove is in his pocket.

  4. That looks like one very cold fellow who is having a good time. Glad he didn’t lose his hat too!

  5. O M Gosh more memories but more recent ones LOL like 2 days ago. Not quite as much snow and probably not as cold here, around 0F. He looks like he is having a ball under the circumstances. I love it.

    Oh and on the glove, I find that sometimes no matter how darn cold it is there will be a halter snap or a door latch that just won’t work with ten layers of gloves on your hands and you just have no option but to take the darn thing off LOL.


  6. That photo looks almost like a painting. It is so western and rustic!

    It is a beautiful picture.

  7. I have a beautiful winter scene from the great state of Maine. I will email and if you don’t deem it worthy of posting just disregard.

    Hello David,
    Thank you for your offer. I’ll email you. Would very much like to see your photo. I’m sure it is beautiful. Thanks again.

    Hello David,
    Thank you for the beautiful photograph.
    Have posted it under the title “Winter Scene~Palomino In Maine Snow”.

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