Winter Scene: Draft Horses In The Snow


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  1. What an impressive shot.

  2. That’s a nice, atmospheric photo. I like the way that a naturally forked timber is used for the pole.

  3. Just been scootin’ through your sight. What wonderful pics! Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my sight.

  4. Wonderful picture, but they’re not Clydesdales, they are Percherons.

  5. Thats such a good picture i love it!!im in love with clydesdales

  6. great photo but clearly not clydesdales – wrong shaped head! still a beautiful natural photo!

  7. i love clidesdale horses because they are my favorite type of horses in the whole intire world.

  8. This is a very nice picture. why did you guys choose Clydesdales horses for your pulling you Budweiser beer cart? why not a different kind like shire, or a friesian?

  9. this is a nice pic .. but these are not clydesdales i dont even think they are draft horses these are most likely warmblooded or cross bred horses

  10. Love this picture. words cant tell how lovely it is!

  11. Wow! This is a beautiful shot! It looks like where I live!

  12. I love clydesdales and I hope to raise some someday! and words can’t explain how much i love this picture! People think clydesdales are just for budwiser but really? there not! there are amazing horses to ride, they are so much sweeter to! but i really love this picture!

  13. What a gorgeous photo. I too love clydesdales, they are majastic animals. I also love snow. The contrast of the snow in the background against the coloring of the horses is eyecatching. It brings me into the photo and makes me want to be there… escape.

  14. This is a fabulous picture!!! But again, they aren’t clydestales…my dad raised them my entire life!

  15. Wonderful picture.

  16. Love this beautiful scene

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