Winter Scene: Laughing All The Way



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  1. I LOVE the sleigh pictures!

    When I was a child, my parents got a sleigh for our first horse (21yr-old plus, Fury) to pull. On the first bad snow, when the schools were closed, my parents hitched Fury up to the sleigh. We all got under blankets and away we went…right down the middle of the road. The harness even had jingle bells and our dog ran behind the sleigh.

    It is one of my best memories ever!

    Jolynna: What a fantastic scene you have described! How lucky you are to have such wonderful memories! An experience like that is just a dream for most of us, especially me.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your “Simply Marvelous” pages full of wonderful information. My passion has always been horses. I have ridden all my life in many disciplines. I am currently riding dressage and having a blast. That passion has motivated me throughout my life to excel in every area… just so that I could keep riding. Like you, my goal is to hang up the brief case one day and travel side by side through this life enjoying this wonderful world blessed with horses. Only a matter of time:) The stories layered in your sight are awesome. Thank you for sharing your creativity and thoughts. Take Care, Leslie

    Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for your kind words and for visiting. You are right … horses are a passion. And they do inspire us in other areas of our lives.

    It was a happy day when I could finally live with my horses instead of “visiting” them. There is nothing more thrilling than the sound of a whinny first thing in the morning, or the quiet sounds of their chomping in the late evening.

    When the time is right for you … you will love every minute.

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