Tina Is The Tallest Horse In The World!


Finally, the word is out. It’s official.

Tina, from Niota, Tennessee is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2008 as the Tallest Horse in the World.

Tina’s owners Jim and Marge Williams received the good news Thursday morning, October 25, 2007.


In July, Guinness representatives traveled to the Springbrook Inn in Niota to officially measure the very large Shire horse.


At 20 hands tall, Tina has officially claimed the title, “World’s Tallest Horse.” That puts Tina at nearly seven feet tall. She has taken the top spot from former record holder Radar who is a little more than 19 hands tall.

Tina should have no problem holding on to her new title. Her owners expect her to continuing growing, topping out around 23 hands.

Tina’s sire “Deighton Royal Diplomat” was imported from England and stands at 19.1 hands.

Tina was raised on the Jenson Shire farm in Blair, Nebraska and sold to the Williams when she was 4 months old.   Her official name is “Jenson’s Diplomat Tina “.


Re-written from news sources:

Knoxville, Tennessee News

Tina Grows Another Inch Since Setting Guinness Record

Link:  Simply Marvelous Earlier Post –Tina, Tallest Horse ? Update

                                                                                                      Link:   Simply Marvelous Earlier Post – Tennessee Horse Could Be World’s Tallest


Sad Update April 2008
Tina Dies


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  1. And I thought my horse was big, good grief! Hope they have a ladder to get on him!

    • My horse would look like a miniature horse compared to that huge horse! How the heck would you get on that excellentelly huge mare! BTW she is gorgeous.

  2. And I thought 19.1 was huge! That is just amazing. Beautiful horse.

  3. Wow! That’s a HUGE horse! And very pretty too! 😀

  4. Wow! What is the breeding? That is a Spectacular beast!

  5. Hi Gail …
    She is a Shire. Here is her breeding farm in Blair, Nebraska. Take a look at Tina’s sire !!

    http://www.jensonshires.com/ They list the pedigrees.

    Shires are just great horses!!

    Hope things are going well with you.

  6. That is a lot of horse to groom. Especially if he rolls in the mud.

  7. Hi
    Way to go Tina. I knew you would do it.
    I’ve been waiting to hear the news. She is a beautiful horse.
    Hope some day, I hope I can get to see her.

    A fan of Tina.

  8. dang.. I thought my 16.1 horse was tall.. this horse is beautiful! good luck!

  9. Wow this horse is beautiful! I have a 16.3 thoro. and I though he was big!!

  10. That is really cool. I think it is very unusual that the tallest horse is a mare. I was expecting it to be a gelding or maybe even a stallion.

  11. simply gorgeous… beautiful…x

  12. I thought my 2 horses were big, but there not as big as that horse. I just love horses.

  13. Hi
    That horse is lush I really like horses I can nearly gallop on a 16.1 gelding. But Tina is HUGE! Good luck Tina fan

  14. omg this horse has the same name as me! lol! she is huge but beautiful!

  15. we feel we have the tallest belgian horse he is 4 years old and is 22 hands high now weighs about 2500 pounds trying to convince guiness about his size.

  16. 1 thought my horse sparky was tall at 17.3hh but he’s not any more!!! i am only 10 and i am already in 2012 Olympics! i expect more from sparky!!!!!!!!!!

  17. WOW i thought my friends shire was big til now.
    i wonder how high she can jump in fact no i dnt wana think bout it i hope all ur fences r big coz she wud walk straight over em if not lol

  18. omg she is so gorgeous and so huge !! THE OWNERS SHOULD BE REALLY PROUD!!!!!

  19. OMG I have an 18hh Clydie x TB (expected to mature at 18.3hh and i though he was HUGE. Guess not, guess hes now just an average horse 😦

    Wish I had a horse that big- I love my big horses!

  20. Hello
    That is a huge horse you got there.

  21. That a very nice horse YOU have THERE friend I have three drafts horses I just love them all

  22. I just went out to Jenson shires to buy a gelding, and Diplomat was so big I thought I would faint, I am not sure I could keep my nerve if I saw Tina in person. She is a good looking horse though!

  23. people thought my horse was huge and shes only 15hh

  24. COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!
    I love your horse
    They are Beautiful!!!!

  25. big horse . how do you ride it?

  26. that is MASSIVE i like the shire it is realy nice and well done for that

  27. OMG I LOVE UR HORSE!! lol my horse is short 😛 only about 15.2hh LOL ok i have a question, since your horse is that big can she still gallop??!! and ok do you jump her??? cuz if you do how high can she jump!!?? :O

  28. Cute horse, but massive. I couldn’t fit her in my house. let alone through the doors!

  29. Wow! 20 habds is really tall!!! How high can she jump? The owners should be happy!!! Bye.

  30. And I spent most of my time complaining about how falling of my own 18.3hh was a pain!

    Gosh, beautiful horse!

  31. I am so sorry for Tina…poor horse…rest in peace, R.I.P

  32. My name is Travis and i was really good friends with Jim an Marge before they moved to FLA ive road Tina she was somthin elas lol she is know dead due to a growth problem stood 22 hands high before she died we all miss her very much………..

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