Looking For Mom


This gelding survived the flames of the California fires
and was rescued just in time.


If you have lost horses, please notify us
and we will post the photos.

Link:  Horses Rescued ~ Scenes To Remember

Link:  Horses ~ Southern California Fires


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  1. It has been a rough year on livestock all around. Your fires there and now our floods and hurricane force winds. Now I’m getting a bird’s eye view of what you’ve been dealing with for weeks.

    With Washington and California being among the highest states in the country for horse population. (I think CA is second to Texas and WA is fourth in the nation!) That’s a lot of the horses in the whole darn country affected.

  2. Rising Rainbow,

    Have been thinking of you and your horses during the recent weather news for Wa.

    It’s during these rough times that horse people really have to pull together!

  3. I love the color of the horse! It’s supose to be like that, right? Anyway it’s a very beautiful horse:-)
    He is very pretty!!!! Take very good care of him!!!!
    Wait, why am i saying that he looks very healthy!!!

    Horses Rock,

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