Horses Rescued ~ Scenes To Remember


Racing The Flames of the Southern California Fires




There’s always a way…

With contact number quickly added …
horse is now safe at center.



Home Sweet Home is now a horse trailer in a parking lot


Horses rescued from one ranch stick together.


At rescue centers, names and identification
of each horse are clearly marked on paddocks.


Rescue horses were brought to Laguna Woods Equestrian Center, a horse facility for senior citizens.  Many of these riders are well into their 80’s, still caring for their horses. 

They didn’t hesitate to take the horses
threatened by the fires.


Coming Home !

One family manages to save their pets
plus those of their neighbors.
Story Link:  Here is their story.


Link: News Rescue Stories

Photos: Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register,
San Diego Tribune


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  1. To The Horse Owners Of California,

    As a life long rider and owner , my heart goes out to all of you .If I had in my posesion at the time a viable passport I would have been on the next plane to assist , sadly the crazy times that we live in require such paperwork ( JUST ) to get on a plane .

    I am grateful for ( hard ) lessons learned in 2003 , that people knew to be prepared , identifying horses with paint etc.

    I myself ( single mum )with three small children and 4 horses + 4 dogs , endured the “Ice Storm ” of 1998 in eastern Ontario . At our farm we were 18 days in 40 below weather in January , no water at first for livestock etc.Way different circumstances I know non the less a natural disaster .

    So… I know exactly what it is like to care for pets and stock that cannot care for themselves .
    Best wishes to all.

    Rebecca Miller , Calgary , AB

  2. what a heart wrenching situation!

    I am thankful to everyone who helped out in CA’s time of need.

    The photos are simply moving……

    thank you for keeping up on this for us who do not reside in CA.

  3. Rebecca,
    Thanks for your support during our fires!

    Do not know how you coped with the “Ice Storm” conditions. It is difficult to imagine how you cared for animals in a situation like that. You are right, that IS a disaster.

    We sure learned a lot during this fire. We think we’re ready … but also think it won’t happen.

  4. My cousins live in Southern Cali. and their ranch was thankfully spared. But a few of the ranches on the other side of the mountain weren’t, and they of course took in those horses and another group of 10 from a few miles away. So in all they had 16 horse taken into their ranch.

    3 of my brothers and I took two weeks off of school a few week ago to help out when they got there. It was such a sad scene. Three of the horses of the pack of 10 had some burns on their legs, and they all had smoke in their lungs.

    We were luckily able to find they’re owners after a few days, and my aunt and uncle have allowed the owners to keep their horses there until further notice.
    I have no clue what I would do if I were the owners.

    I’d probably go crazy.

  5. Hi Emily,
    Thank you for your note and telling us about your experience in the fire.

    You and your brothers did a great thing to help your cousins on the ranch.

    Your Aunt and Uncle are certainly very nice people to take care of the horses even after the fire. So glad they helped to save them.

    That was a scary time for everyone.

  6. Are horses getting sorted out now? Do they — and their owners — have homes to go back to?

    I can’t even imagine.

    These pictures are very encouraging, though.

  7. Hey I’m glad that every one worked hard to get those horses away from the fire.

  8. Wow I love horses!
    You guys are incredibly great to help the poor little(or big!) guys!

  9. I’m so glad that their are people in this world that care for animals….and take time each day to give them love and th care they deserve.I just want to tell the people who have been helping rescuing the animals, thank you!

  10. Hello,

    I am an editor for Horse & Rider magazine and we are looking for photos of horses during the S. Cali fires. We would like to include them in our upcoming article “Fire Diary” covering evacuation of horses and riders.

    Your site has many dramatic photos. Please email me so we can chat.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Amanda Peterson

  11. I love horses and after looking at all the pictures it is making me even more interrested in helping them. I have one of my own. His name is Rocky. He is 5 and awesome. I love that paint. I hope everything will go good for you and your horses. Bye!!!! 🙂 🙂

  12. It is me again but i fogot to say I think it is so cool what you did for the horses and the owners. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

  13. ya’ll done good just hang in there and u will get through it all just remember the horses appreciate it and you will soon be as good as new

  14. wow !!! that is wonderfull what ya,ll do thanks very much!

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