Horses ~ Southern California Fires


For Details:
Strawberry Lane


Horses wait for rescue as fire threatens in San Diego, Ca.

Link: Looking For Mom


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  1. I want to jump into that photo and save those horses!

    I feel so useless.

    I hope the fires are now under control….

  2. I have to commend all the efforts of the rescue groups. I wish I lived near to help out!

  3. Who took the pics? I’d like to pass them along up here but would like to know who to give credit to…

  4. Photos came from the LA Times, OC Register and the San Diego Union Tribune.

    In the rush, I didn’t document each as I should have.

  5. Oh, no problem! They’re amazing photos…really give you a sense of the heat. My grandmother used to spend her winters down there. Not because she wanted to, necessarily, but that’s where her new husband lived, so they’d go down there in the winter and back up here for summer. A couple of years ago when SD had horrible fires she said enough is enough and when they came back to WA, she told her dh she was staying. He stayed, too, lol!

  6. Last year we were in Washington. I’m inclined to agree with your grandmother. All those beautiful trees, the green, the space, the views you have there! To go riding in a forest … what a fantasy that would be!

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