You Really Want To Know?


There is this fascinating tagging game going on. If you are tagged, you are to write unknown details about yourself, things you didn’t include in your blog profile.

Actually, I have found it to be quite interesting to read about the people that have put together my favorite blogs. They’ve told some amazing things about themselves.

It seems it is now my turn. MiKael over at MiKael’s Mania – Arabian Horses sent me this lovely message.

You’ve been tagged with the “Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me”.

Not sure that I can come up with 8 things that anyone would even care to know about me. You already know I love anything about horses, history, rare breeds and fascinating people.

Now, as to what you don’t know? Well here goes:

1.  I’d rather clean the barn than the house.  Any cobwebs scattered around the rooms are there for … Halloween. They might be there next year, as well.

2. I collect beautiful cook books, old and new, but do not like to cook.  I love to read cooking blogs, especially when they include directions.  I’ve thrown dinner parties and so far people have survived, everyone except me.

3. I’m a professional musician, started piano at age 3,  gave my first recital at age 6.  Have performed in both Europe and USA, solos and with symphonies.  Have made 6 recordings.

4.  I love remodeling houses, have done 7 so far. That means removing windows, doors, ceilings, roof, walls … just about everything except the studs, and even those get moved. My husband and I are the ones swinging the hammers.

5. I built all the stone chimneys on our present house. My bid was the cheapest.  We gathered the gray stone from a river bed hours away, transported them home and took on the task.  My husband mixed and hauled all the mortar. While working at the top of the scaffolding, a man in a fancy car and suit came by to ask if I would build one for his house.  That was frightening, since I assumed that I was now looking like a stone mason.

6.  I have installed English hunt prints on the walls of the barn stalls. Fortunately, we have no cribbers. Looks quite nice, if I say so myself.

7. I came home on the final voyage of the Queen Mary sailing from France. I was a young music student in Paris.  No, I am not ancient.

8. I live in Southern California, but would rather live in maybe New England, Virginia, or Pennsylvania where I can have a big farm with lots of trees and green … and can collect horses. I collect animals, but you probably knew that.

However, I don’t like to be cold. I’m still hanging on to my wool sweaters and coats from my wonderful years growing up in the Midwest. One never knows.


If you could possibly, even remotely want to know more about me (which I cannot fathom) … take a look at my profile on my other blog, Strawberry Lane,  where I seem to blab on and on about my lifestyle, past and present.

And … if you’re still around, thanks for listening.

Now … it is my turn to do the tagging.  How fun!

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  1. Wow, that’s quite a list. You have done some amazing things. I always feel a bit guilty about tagging people but looking at your list, I’m really glad I did.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Hi RisingRainbow,
    So glad you didn’t ask for 9 things.

    I would have had to tell the part about actually wearing mini-skirts and knee boots… in public.

    Whee! What a relief!

  3. Don’t hate me…it’s MiKaela’s fault. She tagged me and I’m tagging you (because you run slow and weren’t paying attention.) Sorry.

  4. Whoa … you really don’t want to know more, honest!
    As for paying attention, yep, that’s a problem.

    I’ll trot over to Strawberry Lane and dig up more dirt.

  5. Wow Marvel…where can we hear your music? I will check out Strawberry Lane as well. Worried about you with all the fires down in Southern CA—hope you are safe and out of harms way.

  6. So you’re not telling us about the mini skirts and knee boots in public. lol Guess it’ll have to be nine next time.

    I do hope you are safe down there. I’ve been down in those fires before but I can’t even imagine this magnitude.

  7. I second the request for Audio! Thanks for sharing! I remember knee boots and mini skirts. my boots were shiny royal blue patten leather.

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