Umm, excuse me … but was that a carrot that just went by?



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  1. That’s quite a look!

  2. Hi Risingrainbow
    Somehow, I think I’ve missed a lot not have at least one … pony. Those little rascals!

  3. how cute! my first horse was a Shetland named Cricket. He was a mean little bugger too. I owe him a debt of gratitude, he taught me how to be a good rider. I had to be riding him!

  4. A Shetland … how cute !! Lucky you!

  5. Mavel, You asked about the draft cross I am riding. She is amazing. So beautiful to watch on the lunge line and so comfortable under saddle. I will be posting a video of her soon you will enjoy. Here is hoping you get your dream horse someday:-)

  6. Hi Julie,
    Can’t wait to see her. I’ve been so fascinated with drafts, but have never ridden one. I love their personalities, looks etc etc.

    Royal is my dream boy, but I think I need more than one dream horse…and draft it would be! 🙂

    Look forward to seeing the video.

  7. I love the look on that pony’s face! My first horse was a pony/horse cross. She was old enough to vote when I got her. She was black like Royal. But…the resemblence ends there.

    “Fury” had a horse body, but pony legs. I loved her.

  8. Very witty, you are!! “Old enough to vote!”
    “Fury” must have been adorable.

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