Horses In History: Fauerbach Brewery Madison, Wisconsin 1890


 Fauerbach’s Brewery was Madison’s first brewery in 1848 and run by Peter Sprecher until bought by Peter Fauerbach in 1868.


 The Fauerbach ad is depicting a young woman and the brewery.


Fauerbach Brewery building was built by Peter Sprecher in about 1860.

This brick building was later replaced in the 1890’s by Peter Fauerbach. The building housed a Tasting Room and offices for the brewery business.


In April 2007, the Fauerbach Brewery of Madison, Wisconsin celebrated their 120th Anniversary with the following announcement.


Fauerbach Celebrates 120th Year of Brewing: April 7, 2007

5th Generation Brewers of Fauerbach Amber and Fauerbach Export –  “The Favorite Since 1848 “Madison, Wisconsin

Circulation: Marketed in Western and Central Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Chicago


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  1. I have never heard of Fauerbach brewery. The tag does say they were established in 1848 so by 1890 they had been around awhile.

    The horses look proud of their jobs.

  2. Great old photo-I will have to read up and see what happened to the brewery. Wonder if it went under and became something else.

  3. what a gorgeous looking team of horses AND they are pulling beer….perfect

  4. Jolynna,
    I’ve never heard of them, either. Loved the horses.

    What a great life when horses were around instead of SUVs! I have a great fascination for Beer Horses.

    You and Jolynna got me curious, so checked out more on that brewery. Seems they are still in business in Madison, Wisconsin. Maybe I’ll go back and add more to that post, as they seem rather interesting.

  5. The site is now Fauerbach condominiums – no smokestack anymore, but Lake Monona is still there!

  6. My grandfather (William V. Paltz) was a salesman for the Fauerbach Brewing Co. for years. Fauerbach Brewery had the most beautiful wooden bar adorned with brass spitoons that I have ever seen! Fauerbach also made some fantastic soda pop! It was a Madison tragedy that the building was torn down to build condos.

    Hello Tommy,
    How great to hear from someone whose family was directly connected to the Fauerbach Brewing Co.
    It is sad to hear the building was torn down. It seems that too often we live in regret for not preserving the unique qualities of the buildings from another era. Thank you for your message.

  7. Just love the photo at the top…it looks familiar…did the Winemaker Shop on State Street have a copy of this which they kept in their front window? I think you should make copies of this one and sell one to me!! This photo speaks volumes for those of us who are attracted to the sights of the beer history in Wisconsin…work horses, wooden kegs, wagons with wooden wheels…and wonderful beer!!

    • Hello Rex,
      Wish I could answer your question. I agree, it is a great photo. Maybe there is an historian out there that might have more information and will write in. Hope so.

  8. Great photo. Visited the Condo and saw the little display….sorry ot see the building removed and not restored. My gggfathers Bierbauer Brewery in New Lisbon, Wisconsin was destroyed to build a rerecycling plant like a parking lot! A shame I believe since Henry and his in law Peter Fauerback started the brewery and were leaders in the economic history of Wisconsin!
    PS. Still trying ot get Fauerbach Beer out here in Maryland! help!

  9. Hi! I am the Great Granddaughter of Clara “Susie” Fauerbach–her father was named Henry I believe? I’m trying to research my line of the F family…I don’t see my branch on your history page but I know we are the same Fauerbachs. I grew up hearing about the brewery!

    I’m in LA–is there a place to buy F beer here??

  10. That happens to be my great-grandfather driving the wagon. His name was also Joseph Bossart. His son, my grandfather, Johnny Bossart also worked for the brewery for over 40 years. My family is going to WI for a family reunion and plan on visiting the brewery.

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