“Alfie” ~ Pony Now Happy In Pub


A three-year-old Shetland pony named “Alfie” had a loneliness problem.

His owner, Sharon Sutherland said that the little pony started accompanying her to the pub three months ago after he started squealing when he was left alone in his pen.

Almost every day, he makes his way to the village pub in Woodmansterne, Surrey, England for a glass of Guinness and cheese crisps.

“He hates being alone so, if I go to the pub, he has to come, too,” Sutherland said.

‘There was a sign saying dogs weren’t allowed in, but it didn’t mention ponies,’ she said.

And though patrons at the pub were a bit surprised to see a horse in the place, he is now a welcome customer.

Landlord Matthew Lowe said: ‘I was a bit surprised but he’s a lovely horse and doesn’t cause any problems.’

Story Link:  Little Alfie

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site. Your blog is very pretty and I loved the pony in the pub story.

  2. Hi Pony Tail Club,
    Thanks for stopping by! Seems those adorable ponies can get by with just about anything… especially in England!

  3. It seems to me that the English are much more accommodating of such things as ponies in pubs than the US would ever be. LOL

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to reading more about your wonderful world of horses:-)

  5. Just great to find like minded people, horses touch us all, bringing the world closer !
    Not sure i would get my 18hand ‘Cleveland bay’
    into any Pub ?
    Plus he might drink more than me ?

  6. Hi Wayne,
    An 18 hand Cleveland Bay?! I’d say he deserves a Pub of his own.

  7. I saw dogs on a pool table once in a pub in the U.K., but never a miniature horse. That’s a hoot!

    But, um, if he’s like most horses, even if it’s in miniature, what about the piles he leaves behind? I guess there are some questions we just don’t ask.

    Lovely blog. Found you through Red Pony Farm.

  8. Hi Anne,
    Well, I was beginning to think that horses and ponies visiting pubs in England was not so unusual, since I’ve found 3 stories about them so far. Like you, I think it is a “hoot”. Let’s assume they are housebroken.

    I really like Red Pony Farm. Lots of great information there.

    Thanks for your visit here.

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