The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride ~ 2008

Organizer ~ Great
Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride


New Website


Word has come from Rob Phillips that they
are anticipating and preparing for the next
Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride.


There will be a limit of 60 riders.


All entrants must agree to place the care
and condition of their horses above the win.


Emphasis is made that this is not a race to the finish line,
but a safe and enjoyable ride through history.


Any riders pushing their horses in an unsafe or
aggressive manner will be pulled from the ride.


Each rider who completes the course and whose
mount is judged fit to continue will be awarded the
Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride buckle along with
the bragging rights of completing the historic trail.


The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride,
sometimes referred to as the Santa Fe Ride,
is an annual event.

It is a 515 mile equine endurance ride conducted
over a fourteen day period and in
close proximity to the historic Santa Fe Trail.

The 2008 Ride will take place
August 31-September 13, 2008.

The ride will begin in Wagon Mound, New Mexico
and end in Council Grove, Kansas.

Both the start and the end are very historic sites
on the Santa Fe Trail.


Further news will be made available as plans progress.



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  1. I have a friend who has done this. It’s one of his favorite rides.

  2. Hi Risingrainbow,
    Amazing people.

    It sure takes a special rider … and horse. I admire those people.

    Especially the ones that put the care & condition of their horses –first.

  3. I rode the ride this year and am looking forward to doing it again. There were some “issues” but the way I look at it ” it can only get better”
    Happy Trails

  4. High Rider,

    Congrats to you for taking on the Santa Fe Trail Ride !!
    Let’s hope that next year everyone will have the perfect ride !!

  5. We are four endurance riders from Australia looking to take part in the 2008 event. We are looking for fit endurance horses that we can borrow – lease?? for the event. Contact Charlie at Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  6. Hello Charlie,
    Perhaps those reading this will be able to help you. I hope that those associated with or riding in the race will be able to assist you and will contact you … or send the information via this site.

  7. I am planning to ride in the 2008 ride. Riding though history on the back of a horse will make a dream come true for me. Rob Phillips and his crew has started an endurance trail race that will become history!
    Happy Trails

  8. I live not far from some of the Santa Fe Trail. That “horse race” is well know around these parts, podner.

  9. Are you signing up teams for next year? If so, could you send any information about signing up, how, when and what to do. Thanks, Dorothy Sue

  10. Hello Sue,
    I haven’t heard from Rob Phillips, the person in charge of the race. I’ll post any updates here.

    Also, here is their link:

  11. I live in Hervey bay Australia and would, like Charlie (above), like to take part in the 2008 event.I won the first 210km endurance ride in South Africa in 1973 and My wife Robin and I placed in the top 10 in several subsequent years.We have bred, trained,raced and played various horse sports for more than 30 years.

    We have a son in Trinidad CO and would if possible like to participate in the 2008 event. We would like to stay in the USA for several months before the ride helping condition the horses before taking part.
    If anyone can help make this ambition possible please E Mail me at “” or alt at

  12. Impressive race history you have!

    For details on the Santa Fe Horse Trail Ride, I would suggest you contact:

    Rob Phillips
    Race Organizer
    The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride

  13. Does anyone know if you can ride this trail other than in the race? Just curious, I would like to do the race one of these years but would like someone to go with me, that hasn’t happened yet =)

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