Endangered Suffolk Horse Bred By Queen Elizabeth II


“Poppy” with her new arrival, “Sandringham Sailor II


Queen Elizabeth II is giving here support in the survival of one of England’s most endangered native breeds.

Four years ago the Suffolk Horse Society (SHS) presented the Queen with a filly foal named Whitton Poppy, who had been bred on a farm at Ipswich, England.
This past May,  Poppy produced her own foal, a colt to be named Sandringham Sailor II after a Suffolk horse once owned by the Queen’s father George VI.
Amanda Hillier, administrative secretary of the SHS said Sailor is registered number 9000, meaning he is the 9000th Suffolk colt to be born since the society was formed in 1877.

“It’s lovely that he should have a special number like that,” said Mrs Hillier.

“We are still a critically endangered breed according to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

“We are moving forward, but slowly.”

Before the First World War there were more than two million Suffolk heavy horses used on farms in the UK.

Now the breed is considered by some to be more endangered than the Great Panda, with only 420 registered – 110 of which are geldings.

Sailor could become one of the breed’s registered stallions if at two years old he is found to conform to breed standards.

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  1. I hope we are able to save this beautiful breed and I really hope he works out as a stallion. Maybe you should make a rule or something that makes it harder for people to geld stallions that would be awsome breeders.

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    Thanks for your comments. I agree with you. We need to work hard to save the breeds that are now on the endangered and critical lists.

  3. Suffolk horses are wonderful (as are all horses!), so we should really work to save them. When I grow up I’m going to raise money to give to places that breed them.

  4. Another Chance 4 Horses is a non-profit horse rescue here in Pennsylvania(USA). Last summer we came across two suffolk mares at a brokers lot that were headed to slaughter. Thankfully with the hard work of many generous people we were able to save these wonderful ladies. It is horrible that people will just throw away horses of this endangered breed. Both of the mares are currently still available and can be seen on our website http://www.ac4h.com

    Thank you for this information.

    We appreciate people like you that rescue horses and give them a chance for a better life. We all hope that they get exactly that.

    I do hope people will check out your site and contact you if they are able to be of help.

    Thank you, again, for your efforts to help the horses that we all love.

    • We got a wonderful horse from Another Chance for Horses. c: Her name is Buttercup and she was one of the suffolk mares. We are wondering how her old partner was doing though, seeing as how it has been two years.

  5. I love all horses. I am an equestian but I don`t own my own horse. I would love to get one but can`t aford it.

  6. If you want to find out why? they have been so endangered read up on World History (world War I) to be exact Since the War was in Europe, The Native Breeds were used as War Horses in transporting Artillery and Manpower. The Suffolk was one of the breeds they used for Heavy Work along with millions of light horses for Cavelry which did not last long after the Germans went to Trench Style Warfare. The Count for horses killed or injured,Including Saved by vets and sent back in to duty was over 8 million Think about that 8 million of our best freinds. Now think about what this world is coming to now, When feed prices have went so high that people can not feed them. What are we to do now.

  7. I Love Your Horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We need to save this breed but how am i going to help it? I dont own any kind of horse any way it will be useful if there could be ways for me to help =:)

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