John Crandall Riding “Heraldic” Wins Endurance Race, Again!


 Crandall and Heraldic ~ AERC 2007


John Crandell, riding his famed Arabian horse, Heraldic, has just finished and taken First Place in the 2007 AERC National Championship 100 Mile race.

Crandall and Heraldic won this feat in 2006 taking First Place in the AERC that year, as well.

This years event was held in the Owyhee Country of Southern Idaho, which highlighted a 5 day Festival of Endurance in North America. 


Crandall and Heraldic Accept Tevis Cup, 2006


Last year, John Crandell set one of the most astounding records ever accomplished in the history of endurance riding.

Crandall and his brilliant horse, Heraldic, swept wins in all of the top three endurance rides: The Old Dominion,  the Tevis, and the AERC National Championships.

Story Link:  AERC National Championship 2007

Story Link:  Tevis Cup 2006


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  1. That’s a very nice write up. I met John at the Vermont 100. He was riding his mom’s horse and pulled shortly after the start. I was introduced to him on Sunday morning after the ride (after crewing for 19 hours Saturday) before coffee and was so surprised and caught off guard, that I stammered like a silly school girl. I couldn’t think of one of the 15 things I would want to say /ask if I ever met John Crandell!

  2. Yes, these two get quite a bit of press in the Arabian Horse Assc magazine as well. They truly are an amazing pair.

  3. Ell:
    That must have been quite an experience crewing for the Vermont 100 !

    And about meeting that amazing rider, seems to me that stammering would be the right thing to do at that moment! Sure know I would have! 🙂

    Rising Rainbow:
    Yes, they do get press. And both John and that Arabian deserve every bit of ink they get. What a pair !

  4. I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to ride with, crew for and work with John. He’s worth stammering over. You will not find a more focused trainer, or considerate person. It’s been a pleasure to see him in action at the APEX clinics. As a founding board member, he communicates complex training ideas and strategic riding concepts with ease and simplicity.
    He is simply the best!

  5. Hello Troy,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments about John.

    What an experience it must have been for you to be associated with him. He certainly has everyone’s respect.

    Thanks again for giving the rest of us another insight into a person that is a great example to other riders.

  6. John was my boyfriend when we were in college at UMBC. He was brilliant and a complete gentleman and a wonderful family all of them. We went different ways – I went into racing harness horses and John – well I don’t have to say where he went! Because I am busy in the horse world sometimes I run across people who know him. I would love to meet up with him again and this fantastic horse. I am proud of you John! Sissy

  7. Hi John,
    I’m afraid I don’t know much about endurance; but have learned a lot from reading my Modern Arabian. It just so happens that I have this Arabian gelding who will be 6 on May 19th. He is Huckleberry Bey, Bey al Bey and Pattrone. When I got him at 2 1/2 he had never been handled and I have broken him, as well as he me! He is very smart, quick, loves to go and has great ground manners. He does so many things so well. He can be worked from the ground by hand signals as well as voice. As I have worked with him over the past couple years I have had a couple bad wrecks on him because he is a lot of horse. I love him dearly; but I think he would be an excellent endurance horse with a more experienced rider than I. His whoa needs work when he gets going or sometimes if he panics. We live in SC and a “cowboy” neighbor has been riding him and he is able to spook him and stay on him and correct him. I don’t think he is the horse for me to just go on a trail ride – even though he has been on many and has been fine.
    Do you have any suggestions or since you are in this discipline maybe you know someone looking for great horse to finish in endurance.
    Thank you so much for any help you can give me. I want him to get a job he loves and a home where people will love him like I do.
    Gratefully yours,
    Gigi Harris
    601 Thunder Road
    Ward, SC 29166
    (803) 685-5902

  8. While I’ve never met John, I have met his brother Jeff and Heraldic. Heraldic is a superb competitive endurance horse — and is an incredibly gentle and loving horse. He luxuriates in being fed carrots by small hands as one of the star celebrities at Trappe Hill Farm during the Hunt Country Stable Tours. Heraldic is a tremendous animal — thank you for allowing him to participate in the Tour! (Jeff’s a real nice guy, too.)

  9. Horses are such majestic creatures. Congratulations to John and of course Heraldic. I could never do s omething like that.

  10. It was nice to read the comments about John Crandell. I saw a program on PBS about him winning the Tevis Cup 2006 and was excited that he won. I am not sure of exactly how were related, but My Grandfather, Dr. Walter B. Crandell had a brother John Crandell. My Grandfather was the most honoring and distinguished gentleman I have ever known. It sounds like you are a gentleman like my Grandfather. My mother has told many a wonderful story about “Uncle Johnny” as well. I am sure we are both related to Elder John Crandell, but it may be much closer. My in-laws have Egyptian Arabian horses and my daughter loves to ride. I would be curious to know how closely we’re related. John, if You could contact me at, I’d love to chat. God bless and keep you. Sincerely, Laura Wilder.

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