A Mustang Artist Named ~ Cholla


Many people make money with the talent of their horses, some on the race track, others in the show arena, or the jumping fields, even the rodeo grounds, but this horse is different.

This horse is an artist.


Cholla, is a gorgeous copper colored Buckskin, Mustang/Quarter Horse with black mane and tail, standing 15.2 hands and weighing in at 1300 lbs. He has a dorsal stripe down his back complete with zebra like markings on his legs.

Named after the infamous cactus, Cholla, he was born in Nevada in 1985 from a Mustang Stallion and a Quarter Horse Mare. His owner, Renee, got him just before his fifth birthday, the first and only horse she had ever owned.


The early years of Cholla’s life were rough.  He was broke the old fashioned way, with ropes and force.  It didn’t work for Cholla. It taught him not to trust man. It has taken years for Renee to fully gain his trust, and he is still quite the wild thing with a mind of his own.

It was certain that with Cholla’s intelligence, no one was going to manipulate his mind. He had a bigger future than rope training ahead of him. He was an artist in waiting.


It all began when Renee was painting the fences. She had a very observant horse looking over her shoulder. Knowing that Cholla loved to hold things in his mouth, Renee tacked a piece of water color paper to the fence and showed him one uneducated stroke.

Cholla took the brush in his teeth, stroked the paper. He got both the concept and a carrot right away.

With a big sturdy easel and non toxic water colors, Cholla’s artistic career was off to a galloping start.

Cholla applies the paints to his art and no one moves the easel, or rotates the paper.  He does get help with dipping the brush into the watercolors as he tends to knock things over, but he is the creator of his own masterpieces.


Cholla creates his art standing at his easel while holding a true artist’ brush with his teeth.   He mindfully directs his brush with fine and deliberate strokes creating the artistic essence that only a horse named Cholla can reveal.


Cholla’s art speaks for itself and his style is present in each piece that he brings into existence. His natural expression and intelligence come through in his creations and his Mustang wildness can be seen emerging from each canvas.


Cholla’s art has been exhibited in galleries around the country, including Art At Large in New York City.


Even with all this fame, Cholla is still a horse that hangs out in the deep grass of the pasture content to munch the day away.


But the minute Cholla sees the easel he comes trotting and Cholla is again a happy and dedicated … artist.


Link:  Cholla’s Website

Link:   Video of Cholla at work

Thanks to the artist, Cholla, and his owner, Renee,  for permission to post these works of art.

All artwork holds a copyright.

March Update
Cholla will have 5 framed originals showing at
The Grand National Art Show & Sale in
San Francisco at the Cow Palace.
This is an invitational show only in April 2008.


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  1. I would LOVE to haveone of those framed prints.

    talented horse 🙂

  2. Hi Barngoddess,
    I sure agree with you! Curious which one you like best.

  3. Great Art !

  4. I think Cholla is pretty good, too! It is neat that he is obviously getting so much pleasure from his “work”.

  5. Jolynna,
    I’ve decided Royal needs to get a job. He has it too soft around here. Helping to paint the barn might be good.

  6. Man that’s pretty cool, I am a horsefreak and go to all of the horse sites. I found this one and have emailed it to all of my buddies. We all love buckskins!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking my comment, Sincerely Miranda

  7. I think that Cholla has true, great talent. Not all horses can paint.

  8. This horse is cool!! I dont think my horse can do that. All he can do is steal things out of my bucket.

  9. That is cool! 🙂 I wish I could paint that good!

  10. that is so cute!!!!!!!! i want wun!!!!

  11. this horse is great its so cool they have him doing this

  12. WOW! A horse as an artist! That’s absolutely awesome! I love it!

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