Twin Arabian Horses Celebrate A First Happy Birthday !


 It all began a year ago when Scandalous Love successfully delivered twins and made the newspaper headlines.

This was a rare event in the horse world.


Scandalous Love, a 7-year-old Arabian, stood by her foals, unsuspecting of the humans in the small stall.


 Lying on a bed of hay, Scandalous Surprise put her head between the back legs of her brother, Scandalous Trouble, trying to use him as a pillow.

Her brother, also on his side, tried to kick her off his body, to no avail.  Laughter filled the stall of the Graham, Washington horse farm.


“You’d never see other foals do this,” said MiKael Caillier, who owns the farm and horses.

Siblings generally aren’t so close in the horse world. But there’s something else that’s unusual about Scandalous Surprise and Scandalous Trouble.

They are twins, and they are alive.

“This just doesn’t happen,” said Jack Gillette, a Graham veterinarian who helped deliver them on May 8.

In his 20-plus years in the business, Gillette said he had never personally come across twin foals.

The only other time he saw it was at Colorado State University, 10 or 15 years ago.Gillette said the chance of twin horses being born and surviving is anywhere from 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 500,000.

The foals were born at Rising Rainbow Arabians, a five-acre farm Caillier and her husband, David, opened about 17 years ago. They have 26 horses, all Arabians.

This past May 8 the twins celebrated their first birthday with a frolicking romp in the pasture.


The story of this wonderful event can be read on the links below. It gives details complete with all the ups and downs  of raising twins and keeping them alive and healthy.

Link:  The Birth of the Twins

Link:  The Twins ~ A Year Later

Link:  MaKael’s Mania ~ Arabian Horses


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  1. I didn’t know that horses could have twins especially such cute ones. One black and white one brown and white! :>)

    • I own Twin 3/4 Arabs mares… they are nearly six now and are still very close.. I love the pic of your twins you certainly don’t see many 🙂

  2. I love horses and foals,I’m saving up for one, 😉

    • I have a new foal she is soooo cuit and so is the one in picture:):):):p 😀

  3. I too, own Arabian horses. We bred our Arabian Mare to a Homozygus black and white stallion. Our filly was born and such a beauty she is! Tri color and just as lovable as they come. Her registered name is “She’s Simply Amazing” and we call her “Mazi”. She is the light of our life and we adore her!

    Your story of the twins is amazing!!

    The love and passion we feel for these beautiful animals is not measurable! Good luck and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  4. I used to own two arabian mares 1 was mostly black and the other one was grey but i had to sell the because i was moving to a place that had no land

  5. Aww they are adorable. I have a chesnut arab she is gorgeous, but these two are stunning. I remember when my aunties mare had twins unfortunetly all three died during birth 😦

    Hello Abi,
    That was quiet a rare thing your auntie’s mare achieved. How sad that it didn’t have a happy ending. Unfortunately, that happens far too often.

  6. WOW, they are beautiful and very cute.

  7. what beautiful twins!
    that is so amazing!

  8. OMG!!! Those are SUCH adorable horses!! Twins??? That’s amazing!!! I have a 3 year old brown, red, and black horse, His name’s BEAR. I love him soooo much! You are REALLY lucky to have two lovable, joyful babies!! bye!!

  9. so gorgeous!! my arabian mares in foal at the moment i would love her to have twins! your so lucky, good luck with them i wish you every success!!

  10. Oh, the foals above look so cute. I just want to pick up a baby and hug it. That’s how cute the foals are.

  11. this is so strange but sweet,i love horses and know that this is rare.

  12. in egypt the twin’s is not rear but one of twins is die after week

  13. i love this picture it is beautiful and i want one of my own i loan a pony called ben

  14. i love foals and had twins myself they are both trained to barrel race they are quarter.

  15. i rember when my aunties horse had twins and i ride one of them know hes the best but my aunties horse died if colick a year ago but me and my auntie ride them all the time jamie

  16. oh my goodness they are soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
    I want them!!!!!!

  17. I have twin quarter horses that are 3 years old. Their mother rejected them the day after they were born, and I became “mama”. They had to be fed every hour and there were many, many days that I did not know if they would survive. It was a very long and stressful 5 months, for me and the foals, but they are absolutely beautiful now and bring so much joy to my life.

  18. that is so cool because i’m a really big horse fan

  19. My son had a mustang mare that had twin buckskin foals with four white stockings and blazes, but unfortunately they were both born dead.

  20. oh my goodness i have worked with horses for a while and ponies and i did not know that horses had twins it is truly amazing. wow

  21. This story is simply amazing. I have always wanted to experince the birth of twin horses and all of the horses come out safe. I have a two almost three year old, and she is a handful at times. I know you’ll train these up, and simply enjoy them for the rest of your life. 🙂

  22. I love these pictures! My mare had twins several years ago – identical twins at that. The vet and I went through the placenta, thinking that surely there were two, but there was only one. They were both solid black stud colts like their sire. Unfortunately they were about 6 weeks early and both died shortly after delivery. It is amazing to see these photos and I really enjoyed it! Thank you!

  23. Hi, just read your twins story whilst researching twin growth outcomes. I have a two year old, single survivor twin PBA . We are considering breeding her at four years old, but have concerns that she may also be predetermined to carry twins ! Any experience or knowledge on this subject would be gratefully appreciated . Lovely babies !

  24. I love the colts ,im saving up for one and working really hard in school im just eight years old and working so hard for a pony,i love arabians me and my friend from school look everywere at the library for arabian horse books ,i love your arabian colts ,i really do.

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