Power Of Draft Horses Captured By Artist, Adeline Halvorson


 Adeline Halvorson knew at an early age that she wanted to be an artist. In her rural upbringing, animals, especially horses, played a very important role. Her entire working life has been dedicated to her career through experimentation, endless reading and hours of practice. She has developed techniques entirely her own, first in pastel, then in acrylic.

She spends most of her time researching and creating the paintings she markets to a growing group of collectors. She enjoys the variety of diverse subjects – floral, still life, dogs, or a childhood scene, and most often, her favorite equine subject matter.


Years of riding and grooming horses has given Halvorson a knowledge of anatomy and muscle movement that her painting skills bring to life on the canvas. The shapes and movement of muscle, variety and texture of harness and trappings, as well as the horse and its interaction with its human counterparts provide endless artistic inspiration for one who grew up with a love for one of the world’s most beautiful animals.


“My growth as an artist is of prime importance to me. I am continually researching new and better ways to approach my painting, all the while keeping in mind that “brush mileage” is my greatest teacher. I paint the subjects that are true to my heart, and definitely believe the words of Sir Winston Churchill:  “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”.

Among Halvorson’s many Showings, Publications and Awards was her selection to design and paint the Official Canadian Olympic Equestrian Poster for Los Angeles ’84. She also designed the 1998 Silver Dollar for the Royal Canadian Mint, commemorating the 125th anniversary of the founding of the North West Mounted Police.


View the Adeline Halvorson website to see additional stunning works by this artist and to read about her current showings and achievements.

Link:   Adeline Halvorson Website


All Halvorson artwork is displayed with the permission of the artist and each holds a copywrite.


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  1. The second picture with the chestnut pair was a Leanin’ Tree Christmas card one year. She is truly an incredible equine artist.

  2. Hi Risingrainbow,

    What a great Christmast card that would be!

    Her artwork is so precise, they almost look like photographs. She has put such life into the faces of those draft horses. I find her work very emotional.

  3. These are fantastic!!! Better than that!!!
    How can I order one before Christmas?

  4. Adeline Halvorson’s artwork is breathtaking with the beauty and the very essence of the soul of the horse being portrayed in her work. Beautiful, beautiful paintings.

  5. hello, I love your art, I have two of your prints; All for one and Cool Water. I have a true love for horses also. I am inquiring besides the prints that are on your website now, was there other prints that went with the two I have? I want to collect them all and wondering which ones are available? Your art is beautiful and a talent you do have. I am glad that you are sharing it with the world. Ardis

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