Twin Fillies, Thelma and Louise, Make History At Dublin Horse Show


For the first time in the show’s 134-year history, a pair of twin foals took part in the Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show.

One exhibitor at this week’s Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show doubled his chances of winning a class — by showing twin filly foals.

The foals made their historic appearance — the first twins to appear in the show’s 134-year history — in the ring on Thursday, 9 August.

Their presence at this year’s Show is made more remarkable considering the chances of a mare giving birth to live twins is approximately 5,000 to 1 and in 80% of such cases, one or both of the animals will not survive.

The pair are out of the Irish Draught mare King’s Sister, a granddaughter of KingOf Diamonds, by the Sligo-based Thoroughbred Shaandar.

Thelma and Louise, as the fillies have been called, were shown in the class for foals out of registered Irish Draught mares but not by registered Irish Draught stallions.

Their owner, Dermot O’Brien, from Crecora, Co Limerick, told H&H: “They’re good when you’re leading them, but when they’re on their own they’ve plenty of confidence.

Normally, foals won’t stray far from their mother, but these two get into all sorts of mischief.”

The pair — who inherited their black colour from their sire — were born on 16 June. Mr O’Brien did not have King’s Sister or “Snowflake” scanned, but her size made him suspect she was carrying twins.

“She was so heavy. I’ve got eight Irish Draught mares and five part-bred Irish Draught and Thoroughbred mares, and in January she was twice the size of the others due to foal in April,” he said.

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  1. twin foals are rare.

    they are sooooo cute!

    • yes they are rare never in my life have i seen a mare so happy so healthy and the baby’s so healthy

  2. My undestanding of the 1 in 5,000 quoted above is that is 1 in 5,000 mares who actually carry twins will carry them to term.

    And normally if there are any type of complications at birth (which happens at least 80% of the time) usually one if not both twins will die and sometimes even the mare will be lost.

    I’ve become an expert on twin foals after the birth of mine last year. And mine did experience a very difficult birth with resulting complications but they have survived and are thriving.

  3. Hi Risingrainbow

    I thought about you when reading and posting this story about the twins.

    After reading your experience with the amazing birth of your twins, you would know more than anyone what that involves.

    I read the newspaper article published at the time your twins were born.

    I’d like to post portions of that news article if you wouldn’t mind. I would then link to your site as you have written about it in such gripping detail.

    I’ll wait until I know it is ok with you, however.

  4. You had twins, too, Risingrainbow? Wow!

    I am going to have to go to your site to read about it. I am also looking forward to Simply Marvelous including details from the media.

    How wonderful that you were successful and that your twins are thriving! I bet they are beautiful.


  5. Im a twin and twin foals are even cooler then that

  6. Wow i’m impressed and very relieved they all made it through the pregnancy.

  7. We had a clydesdale mare that had less then a month left of her term and aborted both of her babies this morning…one a colt and one a filly foal.

  8. my mare had twin foals last night they are so cute it is so rare to have twin foals

  9. woah that is ace I wish one of my mares would have twin foals!!!!!

  10. wow thats cool I wish I had a horsse

  11. WOAH! that is so cool! I have always wante my mares to have twins! But i know its very risky for the mother horse to have twins! thats just soo amazing! i’m soo glad they made history!! awesome for you!

  12. hiya

    one of my mares called poppy had twins two weeks ago they are both colts one called jay and the other called kiy it is quiet hard for their mum to look after them

  13. WOAH!! those foals are so cute!!

  14. they are so cute you are luky

  15. Oh my i think they are cute but my horse had hers this morning a paint filly coalt and shes the cutest thing i’ve seen i’m in love!

  16. Very cute foals, but they are not black, they are gray. Note the gray around the eyes. Generally when a horse is born a dark color like that, they turn gray; the white on their eyes is a sure sign that they’ll be as gray as their dam.

  17. Absolutely adorable!!!!

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