Denmark’s Jutland Horse and the Carlsberg Brewery


Also known as the Jydsk Hest (Danish)


For many centuries heavy horses have been bred on the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark which gave the breed its name. During the 12th century strong, heavy horses were in great demand as war horses.

In the Middle Ages the strong, most willing Jutland was popular with the heavily armoured knights.


During the 1860’s the English Suffolk Punch stallion Oppenheim LXII stood at stud in Denmark.

The breed became the dominant influence on the Jutland right down to the chestnut coloring. Cleveland Bay and Yorkshire Coach Horses were also used in the development for the breed.

Jutlands were in demand for farm work and pulling heavy loads. 


Beginning in 1928, there has been a close association between the Jutland breed and the Carlsberg brewery which uses Jutlands to haul brewery wagons.

At one time there were 210 Jutland horses with Carlsberg and today about twenty are still used for beer transportation in Copenhagen.

The Carlsberg horses take part in many shows, festivals and films, promoting both the breed and the brewery.


The Jutland is a medium-sized draft horse with a quick, free action. Like the Suffolk, the coat is usually chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, and the breed’s connection with the Suffolk is evident in the compact, round body, the deep girth, and the massive quarters.


There are also individuals within the breed which are black or brown but they are uncommon. In one respect, it differs entirely from the Suffolk, for the Jutland‘s legs carry a heavy feather that is not found in the former.


The joints on the Jutland are inclined to be fleshy. The forelegs are short and set wide apart. They are coarse of feather on the lower legs. The withers are broad and flat.


The neck is short and thick and they have heavily muscled shoulders and exceptionally broad chests. The head is plain and has a squared muzzle but is not unattractive.


The breed has a reputation for being docile, kindly, and a tireless, willing worker.

Link:  About Denmark’s Jutland Horse


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  1. I like this horse.

  2. I love the Jutland horse . I have looked on the Internet for one but in can’t find one for sale. I’m looking for one for girlfriend. She loves them too. I would like to find a mare or a mare colt. If someone knows about a Jutland for sale, email please at
    Thanks, Rome

  3. Lovely pictures of my favourite breed!

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