The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race

The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride – 2008 


The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride

The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Ride – 2007


 The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race is an 800 mile endurance ride completed over a 13 day period. It is open to all breeds.

The ride will start in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 3, 2007 and end in Missouri on September 15, 2007

One of the main objectives of the race is to educate the public not only on the national historic Santa Fe Trail, but also to introduce the sport of endurance riding to thousands.

One Hundred teams will spend each evening in the race village where over 100,000 spectators are expected to visit throughout the entire course of the event.

The riders will complete the specified distance for the day then stop and spend the night at the race village. Each rider’s time will be recorded, and accumulated for end of the race.

The rider with the shortest time overall will be declared the winner.  In addition to an individual winner, team competition will exist.

Spectators are encouraged to turn out to greet the riders at “race villages,” which will be overnight stopping points for the riders and their horses. 

Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 1-2

Las Vegas, N.M., Sept. 3

Springer, N.M., Sept. 4

Clayton, N.M., Sept. 5

Elkhart, Kan., Sept. 6

Dodge City, Kan., Sept. 7-8

Larned, Kan., Sept. 9

Lyons, Kan., Sept. 10

Council Grove, Kan., Sept. 11-12

Burlingame, Kan., Sept. 13

Gardner, Kan., Sept. 14-15.

Link: Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race

Link:  Old West Legends ~ Santa Fe Trail

Link:  News Report



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  1. I went to see participants in either this or something like it that ended up by Independence, MO, several years ago. They were camped out with covered wagons, and many, many horses.

    I was so jealous. I wanted to go too.

  2. I have an old friend who used to ride in this race on a regular basis. I’ve heard some great stores. Wish I could remember them, but I do remember his telling was awesome.

  3. What a great adventure that would be!

  4. wow-now that is a RIDE!

    I wish they were coming closer to me in OK, Id love to see them.

  5. This sounds absolutely fantastic!!! Both my sons would be tempted to enter their Mustang Geldings in this race if Cahlibur had not been diagnosed with ringbone.

    Great blog…I have added you to our “All Blogs Equine” section!

    BTW…I found your blog on BLOG VILLAGE!

  6. Thanks to all of you for joining me in the thrilling thought of riding on this historic trail.

    Thanks to Janey for adding me to the All Blogs Equine.

    Also, glad I was found in Blog Village along with the other very interesting horse blogs listed there.

  7. please tell me exactly where and when this ends in missouri. alot of trail riders are wanting to be there.

  8. Hi Sharron,

    September 14-15 Friday and Saturday
    Gardner, KS – Ride 60 miles to Independence, MO

    Independence, MO – race is finished, and teams will
    return to race village in Gardner, KS

    On September 15 at the end of The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride and Gardner’s Festival of the Trails, the Kansas Lottery will be presenting Jo Dee Messina in concert. At the concert, on stage, the winner of The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride will be introduced.

  9. Hi,
    I’m trying to follow the race day by day and don’t seem to be able to pick up a web site that is doing that.
    Do you plan to or know a site that is?

  10. Hello Ed,
    I’m with you. Cannot find a daily report on this race. Was hoping we would have something like the Tevis race had on their website, which reported on locations of riders by their numbers.

    Should anyone find the info for the Santa Fe ride, would greatly appreciate their sending it here, so it can be posted for others that would like a progress report.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep searching.

  11. Here is the best I’ve found so far:

    The Santa Fe Trail Horse Race is going on now. Meet the riders at a Race Village near you. Listen for Race Updates 6:40 a.m. mornings and 3:40 p.m. afternoons through September 15th on “The Talk of JC,” 1420 KJCK. The Santa Fe Trail Horse Race presented by The Kansas Lottery.

    Info on KJCK radio.
    Contacting the 1420 KJCK staff at Platinum Broadcasting, Inc., U.S. Highway 77 and West Ash Street, Junction City, KS 66441…We are “The Talk of JC.”

  12. Just spoke by phone to the organizer of the Santa Fe Trail Horse Race. He said there is no detailed information available on the web for the status of each rider.

    He will try to call me or email any information and updates. I will post that info here. However, he sounds very busy!

    In the meantime, here is the link for the Team Roster:

    The Great Santa Fe Trail Race

  14. Have added your links to the Interactive Santa Fe Trail at


  15. I visited the Race Village in Council Grove on 9/12/07. Talked with 2 of the 3 riders who are riding the same horse the entire race. Both were very enthusiastic about what they were doing. Learned quite a bit about the race itself. Per KWCH-Channel 12, 2 horses were killed in the McPherson area. Riders were sent to local hospitals. Per the report both riders over shot their final stop by 1/2 mile and was hit by a car. Very sorry to hear about that! Hope the remaining race goes okay for both riders and horses.

  16. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for adding me to the Kansas Heritage link. Appreciate that very much. Lots of interesting information there !

    Hi Sharon,
    So glad to hear you have talked with some of the riders and everything was going well for them. Hope this good news continues. The lives of horses and riders is more important than winning any race.

    The Tevis Cup Race has a perfect slogan: “To finish is to Win”.

  17. I hope that next year they will have a daily update on the endurance race.

    Thanks to anyone who tried to keep us updated.

  18. Thanks for sharing this story

  19. I would love to enter this race. I am too long in the tooth for actually entering. I have some Kiger Mustang geldings that would love to compete. These horses are proven endurance horses. I would give these horses to those who will be competing. I have two geldings going on 5 years old. They would need to be trained for this race. Contact me at 541 773 4070
    David Hoyal
    3950 Bellinger Lane
    Medford,Or, 97501

  20. This would be fantastic to watch..I’m jealous

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