Shire Horses Used For Stress Relief


Working with Shire Horses is Being Advertised

as a Form of Stress Relief for Tired Executives.


The forestry department at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture in England is offering one-day courses teaching people to work with heavy horses, in the Riseholme woodland.

The course aims to teach people that horses are not just for riding and can be used for work as well.

Some of the first people to sign up have been office workers looking for a break.

The idea came from trips to the Lake DistrictNational Park where horses are regularly used to help clear land.  

Forestry lecturer Steve Fox explained how horses are particularly suited to this kind of work. He said: “They are very sensitive to how they move across the ground.”

“Putting a machine into some of these areas, especially at this time of year with the flora and fauna – bluebells and snowdrops, isn’t a good idea.

“It reduces the impact on the ground, where the tractor cannot go the horse may be able to tread.”

The course has been promoted as an alternative form of stress relief.

Mr Fox said: “It’s just a wonderful experience of working with the horse.

“There is no noise at all, apart from the sounds of the woodland and the environment around you.

“It just takes the mind off work – holding the reins and controlling the horse.

“It’s just a wonderful experience.”

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  1. I can imagine that. Just the beautiful landscape and the sounds of the environment around … there is not much else to do but to relax

  2. This is fantastic. What a great way to relieve stress by stepping out of your environment and learning a whole different way of living. Wish I lived in England – I would do this is in a heartbeat.

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