Horses Get Second Chance


Lucy ambles slowly through the middle of a big barn at Harmony Farms near Poulsbo, Washington. The thin white mare’s back is bowed and you can count every rib. But her soft brown eyes turn a trusting gaze toward farm manager Allen Warren. 

The mare has gained 39 pounds since she arrived here three weeks ago and is well on the road to recovery from a neglect situation. Lucy is the latest addition to the 19 horses that have been taken in permanently at Horse Harbor Foundation at Harmony Farms, an 11-acre horse sanctuary for abandoned, neglected and abused horses.


These are the horses that no one wants and that the Humane Society of Kitsap County has not been able to place for adoption. Here, thanks to Allen, his wife Maryann Peachey-Warren, and their group of dedicated Foundation volunteers, these animals can live out their natural lives in safety, peace and dignity.


Choco is blind; Desi has a clubfoot; Honey is a former racehorse with severe arthritis and Buckshot nearly starved to death.  Without the intervention of Horse Harbor Foundation and most of the horses on this farm would likely have perished.


Many of these horses are now amazingly fit and able to help pay for their feed and care by providing mounts for Foundation student members who pay to ride them.

The emphasis of this student program is to teach responsible horse ownership such as anatomy, grooming, checking for medical conditions, riding styles, saddling and bridling. Scouting badges can also be earned and public clinics


“Two of our students on two of our rescued horses walked off with three ribbons each at a local horse show recently,” says Warren proudly.

But the main emphasis here is on the care of the horses and creating a harmonious relationship between humans and horses.

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  1. What a wonderful, inspirational story!

  2. Heartwarming story.

    Unfortunately, a lot of horses end up in bad situations.

    It makes me happy to see some of those horses starting to thrive again!

  3. I wish we had a program like that here in this county and Thurston county could use it too. I know my friend is supposed to be a temporary housing for rescues and she’s got a couple she can’t find placements for.

  4. I work here and it’s been a wonderful experience! My favorite horses are Pony, Tomboy, Walker, and Choco (short for Chocolato who is completly blind).

  5. Hello Kairi,
    Thanks for your note. That must be a wonderful place to work. I’m sure you have many stories to tell.

    We all thank you and Harmony Farms for your great acts of kindness.

  6. I volunteer here. I love these horses to death and I will do anything for them. I have learned a butt load. And gainded stregth. And i’m a pretty good ridder.
    Bravo for you! The best way to learn everything .. is from horses!

  7. Hey i volenteer there and these horses are amazing. We just got a new horse named misha and she’s best friends with my favorite horse there who’s name is darlyn. I have been taught so much there it is amazing. All of these horses get a second chance.

    Hi Anna,
    So great that these horses get a second chance and that there are people like you that volunteer to help with them. Congrats to Misha!

  8. Horse Harbor Foundation is not the saint it pretends to be. Allen has no patience and hits the horses when he doesn’t like their behavior. He can’t seem to understand why some horses just don’t like him. Although many horses need homes, this is not the place for them.

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