Ya’ Gotta Meet Jack and Bill


 Jack and Bill

Lately, I’ve become enamored with team horses, mule teams, miniature teams  … no explanation, never had any, never been around many, except when they were in parades.

While taking a leisurely browse through the “Horses For Sale” sites, I happened upon … “Jack and Bill”.   

It is for sure that I wouldn’t know what to do with them and certainly wouldn’t know where to put them, … but I actually thought for more than a few minutes how much fun it would be to have them.

Here is their ad.


Mule Team Jack and Bill For Sale

Bombproof gentle mule team perfect for kids, parades, wagon trains and companionship.  They ride, too!  


Jack and Bill are big-kid broke, little-kid broke, car, truck and tractor broke. They’re easy to catch, bridle, harness, shoe and sure love to have their ears rubbed. I’ve ridden them too.


 I bought this team from a fellow who owned them 13 years. The only reason they came on the market was he died. Then they pulled his hearse.

Jack and Bill have plowed, cultivated tobacco, pulled a mower, sled and wagon and have logged more wagon train miles than I can imagine.

They would make the perfect team for anyone who wants to hook up to a wagon one weekend and then have their kids drive in a parade the next.

These boys know they’re job.I’ve lit the wood stove in my wagon while they stood quietly in the harness. I’ve shot film footage from the wagon roof while steering them from there down the road. I’ve had kids haul hay with them in a farm wagon and even steer them during Christmas hay rides.  


In the past month I’ve done the following with Jack and Bill:  towed my wagon 60 miles one week, driven them to the library the next for a presentation, driven them in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. That’s in addition to their regular workouts.

You won’t find a gentler, more loving mule team. Period.


Reason for selling: Last year I rode my mule Woody across America and this was the team I was going to drive across the USA this year.I need a smaller, faster, younger team of mules more suited to the thousands of road miles ahead of us.Driving season is here. Jack and Bill are in shape and ready to hook to your wagon today!


Hummm … I think I’ll take one more look around the barn and see it there just might be room for these boys.



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  1. Id Like to know how old the mules are, how tall they are, how much you want for the team, the owners and possibly phone numbers and also where about are you located thank you for your time.

    Hello Nick,
    I believe they have been sold. Great team!

  2. Are they still for sale? My wife and I are disabled military veterans who both grew up and raised around horse farming and are returning to the simple life and looking for a good “bomb-proof” team to get going with, and your team sound absolutely perfect! If your team is no longer for sale, where can I find a good team? I want someone I can be sure would give me a straight deal for a reasonable price. Thank you for your time.
    Hello Howard,
    I believe this team has been sold.

    I would suggest that you look on: DraftsForSale.com. There is a place where you can search for teams available for sale.

  3. if you are looking 4 nmes here goes:

    bow and arrow
    spirit and rain
    winnie and tigger
    knight and armour
    smoke and ashes
    ember and wisp

  4. hiya,
    you wrote on the other page to give you some more ideas for team names. i wasnt quite sure where to leave them so there on here:
    Laurel + Hardey .. paul + barry (chuckle brothers) .. scooby + shaggy .. jacob + bocaj .. dumb + dumber .. kevin + perry .. bugs + babz (bunny) .. happy + larry .. ding + dong …
    and theres quite a few more i can think of but i wont bore you much more x

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