Are Bill and Ben The Oldest Twin Horses?


Are Bill and Ben the oldest twin horses in the world?  The 24-year-old brothers are hoping to trot into the record books with their claim to the title.


They did it!  In the summer of 2008, Bill and Ben became the world’s oldest equine twins, chalking up another milestone by reaching 25 years old at their seaside retreat in Wales and where they continue to keep staff on their toes.


Although twins aren’t uncommon in the human world, experts say it is really unusual for twin foals to be born.

The Veteran Horse Society, which looks after Bill and Ben, is asking Guinness Records to check out their claim.


The twins used to give rides to kids at London Zoo but are now retired and living near Cardigan in Wales.

Veteran Horse Society spokesperson Julianne Aston, said the boys are so similar it can be hard to tell them apart.


She said: “They are so alike that we have tie a blue ribbon in one of their manes so we can distinguish between them.”

The horses, which have white hair and blue eyes, enjoy snacking on carrots, apples and are given sugar-free mints as a treat!


Julianne added: “They are great with us, but they seem to argue and bicker between themselves and often have temper tantrums. I suppose they’re similar to human brothers.”

Guinness is investigating their claim and the brothers will soon find out if they’ve set a new record.

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  1. Bill and Ben are cute

  2. Hi Horsejo,
    Agree, they are adorable…standing there in their matched blankets!

  3. I ride a 40 year old pony who can still jump 3 feet

  4. Hi Analise,
    That is just fantastic!
    Sounds like a great story to me!

  5. They are very cute! I can tell you from my experience with twin foals, they do have some behaviors that are odd for horses but usual for twins.

  6. Hi Risingrainbow,
    You certainly would know … with your experience with twins. I’d be interested in watching how they bond. What you described on your site gave us some interesting details.

  7. They’re gorgeous, but you didnt mention what breed they are? Are they some sort of albino too?

  8. Hi Cooljumpingmare:

    The only description given about Bill and Ben is that they are Cremellos and are white with blue eyes.

    The Cremello is not a breed of horse, but instead a color. There coat is a pale ivory to a pale pumpkin color and they have pink skin and blue eyes.

    Typically, they also have white markings, dappling and shadowing. The Cremello color can happen with any of the breeds where diluted colors are present.

    Cremello is a horse coat color consisting of a cream colored body with a cream or white mane and tail. It occurs when a horse is homozygous for a dilution gene sometimes called the cream gene acting on a red (chestnut) base coat.

    In the past, they were mistaken for albinos, however they are not albinos.

  9. This is really cool twin horses are really rare. I do horse riding to I’ve got a pony of my own. I think they should go in the record book it’s amazing… From Rachael.

    Hi ,this is a different speaker.I think those horses are so cute, its amazing that a horse can have twins(because horses are not designed to) I also horse ride with Rachael,and have 2 ponies myself. Their names are Happy and Dusty. Those horses are awsome. Bi, Kayleigh!

  10. Hi Rachael and Kaleigh,
    Thanks for our comments about those adorable twins.

    I’m so glad you have ponies and are enjoying them so much. You are very lucky!

  11. Wow they are beautiful!And twins still alive,are they stallions or geldings?

  12. Hi Anna,
    Hummm… now that is a very good question. The story doesn’t indicate that anywhere. If I were guessing … I’d probably say stallions.

  13. i have liked horses all my life and think these horses are awesome

  14. hey the twins are adorable! I have a cremello quarter horse and to me they usually look really differrent, but its amazing they are like identical!

  15. I LOVE IT!

  16. WOW. that’s all I can say. Not only are your horse beautiful, have strong bodies and good health ( observation)… their twins! These guys are sooo cute. I have a horse of my own and love him so you and I know what i’m talking about when I say your either have double trouble or 2 angles! Give them some carrots for me. I hope they break the record!!!

    Best horsey wishes,

  17. Hello there my name is Chelsie,

    I have a mare that had twin foals last year, they will be 1yr on April 21st 2008, they are both black and white paints, we have one colt and one filly.

    The colt, Mickey, has two blue eyes and is a medicine cap with a tiny bit of black in his tail, the filly Mini is a black tobiano with much more black then her brother.

    They are both doing very well. I was glad to see your horses are 24yrs old because we were not sure how long twins live. Good luck with your boys they sure are pretty!

    Chelsie in Montana

    Hi Chelsie,
    Congratulations on your twins! That’s a real accomplishment … two healthy foals.
    I took a look at them on your website. You have two winners!


  18. They’re pretty too

  19. hey they are so sweet i have a 45 year old mare

  20. I’ve met them both before and they’re really sweet :]
    There’s barely anything to tell them apart really

  21. Aw they are so cute i wish they were my horses

  22. they look so cute, bless. they look a bit like welsh A ‘s to me though

  23. naww! they’re ADORABLE!!!

  24. they are soo sweet, notice in every one of those pictures they are in the same stance ?

  25. These 2 ponys are so cute
    I can’t belive they are 25 they are really old
    My horse is 15 and she is getting tired really quickly

  26. What breed are they? Quite wonderful!

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