A Shameful Reality


I try to stay with the stories that inspire, the “feel good” side of the horse world. 

However, this recent news bulletin of July 8 was so disturbing, I was forced to face the reality of … another horse world.

For the sake of entertainment, these beautiful creatures are disposed of … another to take its place. 

For those involved, it is business as usual:  win some, lose some … another day, another dollar.

Here’s the story.


Four horses died over five days of racing at Colonial Downs, track officials said.

“It’s unfortunate that these incidents happen,” said Iain Woolnough, vice president and general manager at Colonial Downs. “There are many, many reasons for it.

We’re upset when it happens, but it’s just part of the racing game.”

“We’ve had some meets where we’ve lost more and some where we’ve not lost as many,” he said.

For us, this [four] is a large number,” Harden said, “but some other tracks have it happen a lot more often.


Colonial Downs call themselves “Virginia Horse Racing at its Finest.” 

Four horses die in only five days and we call that … “the finest”. 

Are we missing something in this horse world?! 


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