Straight From The Horse’s Mouth


 Wendy brushes up on her artwork.

Wendy is as promising a pupil as the students studying their Advanced Diploma of Horse Management at Glenormiston Agricultural College in Australia.

In a surprise classroom role reversal, horses have to demonstrate what they have learned.

They need to perform well if the students teaching them are to pass the horse behaviour component of their course.

Using food and praise as rewards, the equine management students are turning out horses with talents never before thought possible.

Wily Wendy, the Clydesdale,  knows color on canvas means a canister of oats. The nine-year-old sometimes even resorts to two brushes between the bit for her unique, two-stroke horsepower effect.

Student Emma Tyrie said horse painting hadn’t been tried before.

“In previous years, students have taught her to bow to an audience and pick up a purple hat and hand it to the owner,” Ms Tyrie said. “I thought painting might amuse both of us and certainly, she seems taken by brighter, bolder coloured paints.”

Glenormiston, a picturesque working property north of Terang, is Victoria’s South West TAFE.

About 60 horses — and other animals — help train students in various agricultural and farming fields.

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Photo: David Caird

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