Seabiscuit Statue Returns To Horse Legend’s Home And Final Resting Place


Willits, CA, June 23, 2007

After an absence of more than 55 years, a classic, life-sized bronze sculpture of the legendary American racehorse Seabiscuit was returned to its original home at Ridgecrest Ranch in Willits, California. 

The statue was transported by an historic, fully restored Seabiscuit-era van once used at the ranch. 

The sculpture departed Atlas Bronze Castings in Salt Lake City on April 10 for a “Seabiscuit- Homecoming Tour”.


With police escorts and in a takeoff on Seabiscuit’s old whistlestop tours, ceremonial visits were made across the country.

A Call to Post preceded and concluded each stop.


The final “whistlestop” was held aboard a historic Northwest Pacific caboose circa 1909-1971.

As the time honored van carrying the Seabiscuit statue arrived at Ridgewood Ranch, the magnificent old statue was finally back home.

A private ceremony was held at the place where the legendary Seabiscuit spent his final racing and retirement years, died, and was buried.

‘May the World Never Forget the Magnificent Seabiscuit’    (Laura Hillenbrand)

 Classic Photos




Ridgewood Ranch


Seabiscuit Press Stop


Seabiscuit with trainer, Tom Smith, Bing Crosby and others.


Seabiscuit Arrives At Home 

Historic Video:  Seabiscuit and War Admiral Race 1938

Story Link:  Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation


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  1. Loved it.

  2. Leave it to Marvel to fancy the legacy and history of one of the greatest horses of all time. I love reading everything about “The Biscuit”, so thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Seabiscuit!!!!! My nick name at school is Seabiscuit.

  4. I loved it! Where exactly is the grave of seabiscuit? I’m DYING to know! I want to leave a pic of him since i was 8.

    Hi Natalie,
    Seabiscuit is buried in Willits, California. I hope you can visit there sometime.

    • I’m pretty sure no-one knows exactly where he is buried. Howard had him buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on his ranch and kept it a family secret.

      • Why, after all of these years, has no one honored this great horse by letting fans visit the gravesite.

  5. I would love to use the picture with the caption Seabiscuit in a post. How do I get permission to use it? Thanks.
    Hello Cheerful Monk,
    It is my understanding that this picture can be used in your post if you give credit to the source. I believe this came from their website:

  6. grande cavallo..grande ricordo!

  7. Wow, Seabiscuit what a Great Horse. he was my Favourite since I was 7yrs. old. Now I own a Race Horse. well Race Pony. Maybe One day he can race against “a Great Pony” as Seabiscuit raced against War Admiral the “great Horse”
    Seabiscuit is such an amazing Legend!

  8. Seabiscuit was the type of horse who had grace,luck,and an underdog’s stubborn determination. He was one of the greatest cultrual icon of his time. Being a rider I have never seen of study such a marvolous animal in my intire life.

  9. Seabiscuit was a awsome horse and did his best in every race. I remember going to the ranch in 2007 with the Eh Capa bearback riders. I had so much fun looking at everything there that was about Seabiscuit.
    God bless that horse he was wonderful.

  10. I love the movie it was on tv last night:D
    its an amazing story!!

  11. Sea biscuit is a big motivation for everyone out there.
    He was gr8, and I like the movie very much.

  12. I love Seabiscuit, Man O War, And War Admiral
    My faorite is Man o’ War.

  13. i think he still is a great horse even if he died

  14. j’adore ce cheval

  15. Seabiscuit is not just another Derby or Triple Crown winner. This horse was Americas horse. No other has ever captured the hearts of america like Seabiscuit. This name should never to be forgotten! A memorial and bronze statue ought to be erected in Washington D.C. as a reminder of how important this horse was to all of Americans. When their was no hope, Seabiscuit gave ’em hope. We miss ya Biscuit. Your memory will never die.

  16. desde arg. les doy mis saludos por exelente espacio a un exelente exponenente con ese gran CABALLO, por siempre SEABISQUIT

  17. We really miss you!! You are one symbol of America. Your memory never die. We love you forever!! ❤

  18. although the movie was very entertaining, the novel by Laura Hillenbrand was obviously much more detailed. If your are interested in finding out more on this story-i highly recommend this book. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

  19. I am reading the book seabiscuit now and i am loving every minuite of it. I own a racehorse he is retired. I love the story of seabiscuit i would love to visit his home one day!!!

  20. So glad to find this site! Where EXACTLY is Seabiscuits grave on the ranch in Willits? Is it possible to visit the actual gravesite or is it still being kept secret?

    I see the bronze statue has been moved to the Willits ranch but is it placed on or at Seabiscuit’s grave or just placed on the ranch as a memorial feature rather than to mark his gravesite?

    In the book about Seabiscuit, it said that he was buried at the ranch in an undisclosed spot where it was supposed to be kept secret so that the horse could rest in a private place. Does that remain true? In other words, if we were to visit the Willits ranch we would see the bronze statue but could not visit his actual burial site?…

    Please let me know if his burial site is still being kept secret. If so, more’s the pity, because it prevents a private prayer over his resting place and the leaving of roses on the spot.

    Thank you for this lovely webpage. I think it is of wonderful interest to see the inscription on the bronze of him that says his intelligence and understanding were of a spiritual quality. It is for this reason that the slaughter of horses for profit that continues as a cruel industry must be outlawed permanently!

    The Humane Society of the U.S. is supporting legislation currently before congress–The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, HR503/S727. Horse lovers, please visit to sign online petitions to support this legislation.

    Thank you. Barbara Scott and family, San Francisco

    • Laura Hillenbrand, the author of the book, Seabiscuit, states the following:
      Seabiscuit was buried under an oak sapling on a secret site at Ridgewood. Howard wished to keep the site secret because he was afraid that the horse’s legion of admirers would desecrate the grave by walking all over it. He told only his sons where it was.

      Ridgewood was sold at Howard’s death in 1950, and the property was divided. I believe that the part on which the grave lies is part of the Golden Rule Church. I don’t know if they do anything special to maintain it, or even if they know where it is.

      The Howards are not connected to Ridgewood or Willits, California anymore. All of Howard’s sons are dead, and I believe that only one grandson is living.

  21. Seabiscuit makes me wish I was a jockey sometimes. I sure anyone who knows about Seabiscuit feels the same. I own a horse, but he’s no race horse. He won horse of the year 3 times for driving. Yep, that’s my Sunny boy. I looooove him! And I love Seabiscuit too. I watched a movie on Seabiscuit the other day, with Shirley Temple in it. MARVELOUS MOVIE! MARVELOUS HORSE!

  22. My kids love race horses.. they especially love the story of Seabiscuit. I’ve always told them that everyone can be somebody special. no matter what it is.. you can over come any obsticle just like Seabiscuit did. For Always in our hearts.


  24. Seabiscuit was an amazing animal. He deserves every ounce of respect to be given to him for what he did to bring this nation together and unite us.

  25. i love how seabiscuit’s memorial was it is so cool how you we use to have a horse 60th in line with Man’O’War his name at the ranch was old blue (liberatewardebt) he was vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyy fast he would jump over ditches he was my bff I buried him is his favorite place to ride is the race track but i could not do that so i put him in the pasture where he loved to be by the barn

  26. I just finished re-reading Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Seabiscuit, An American Legend. What a wonderful, engrossing book. Then on youtube to watch him run. What a great thing youtube is to be able to watch races from so long ago. I only wish Zaynetta was still racing. I hope to visit the ranch in Willitis someday. RIP Biscuit
    Chris Collins – Houston TX

  27. Seabiscuit is my favorite hero. His story transends the years and generations and is still a marvel today. I hope to visit Ridgewood one day.

  28. I absolutely love Seabiscuit . I am reading Seabiscuit an American Legend. I encourage you all to read it !!

  29. i love Seabiscuit, what a amzing horse, i would live to visit the ranch one day 🙂

  30. So glad the statue of Seabiscuit is back at Willits. I lived in Clearlake and went by the ranch all the time and wished I could honor this great horse. Thank you for bringing it home where it belongs. Seabiscuit you will live forever in my heart.

  31. It is my understanding that Seabuscuit was buried at the top of the hill where a cross used to be located, and the cross was removed in the late 80’s early 90’s. We lived in Humboldt County, and a family friend passed the information down to me from his parents who lived in those times. That horse was truly an American ICON, that we (most of us anyway) were not alive to live and appreciate at the time.He lives today through the incredible stories that most of us read about or see in the movie. When traveling north on highway 101 from Ukiah to Willits, you run up a winding road, going up a hill. You will pass the entrance of the ranch about half way up the hill. Once you get close to the top, say about 3/4’s of the way up, look to your left and you will see a rocky hilltop which is where the cross used to be located years ago. That is (my understanding) of the alleged resting place of this incredible animal. Just say a prayer when you are driving, that’s all you need to do, PERIOD! Let the Stud REST folks! God Bless You Buddy, and THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!

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