Rare Odds ~ Pony Gives Birth To Twins


Newborns Bess and Royal go for a trot with mum Royal Beatrice


Running through the fields with her newly-born foals, mare Royal Beatrice has good reason to celebrate – after managing the astonishingly rare feat of producing twins.  

The 22-year-old New Forest Pony has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals because the chances of both surviving are so slim.


The chances of a mare giving birth to healthy twin foals are about 1 in 10,000, experts said today. But little filly Bess, and colt Royal, have defied the odds by becoming the first twins to be born in the New Forest, Hampshire for many years.

And at just a few weeks old, the playful pair are lapping up all the attention they are attracting from horse lovers across the country.


Bess and Royal can thank their father for their distinctive white markings and have been registered as First Cross New Forest/Appaloosa ponies.

Secretary of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society, Jane Murray, said: “It is extremely unusual for horses to give birth to twins like this.

“To get both foals surviving to full pregnancy is a very rare feet indeed and we only have a couple of examples in our stud book of it ever happening before.

“But it is even more rare when the mare is so old. At 22, I think it’s fair to say that Royal Beatrice has done extremely well to have healthy twins.

The British Horse Society’s senior executive of welfare, Lee Hackett, said the overall chances of a mare giving birth to healthy twins are 1 in 10,000.

He said: “This is incredibly rare and it is wonderful news that both these foals have been born healthy.

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Photos: Solent News


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  1. I am completely in love with horses. I have been studying them for 16 years (my whole life) and I plan to spend the rest of my life with horses!! I am a horse healer (not a vet) I talk to horses and understand their problems. If you listen to a horse he’ll tell you how he feels.

    I know how rare it is for healthy twins to be born, especially to a mare of Royal Beatrice’s age. She is a very lucky dame, and she has obviously come very far. I wanted to complement the farm on how healthy all the horses I’ve seen look. I’m glad ya’ll take good care of the equine stabled at your home, and congratulations on Royal Beatrice and her beautiful foals, and good luck in the foals to come!

    Horse Lover for Life,

  2. I missed these little guys before. They are so cute. I had never heard of this particular breed. The coloring of the foals is very distinctive they sure took on the appy traits of their sire. And look how big they are next to their mum. They are huge. My twins weren’t anywhere near that close to their mother in size that young.

  3. They are so cute!!! The chances of that happening are yet so slim, but when it does happen we look at the two little cute angels God has blessed us with.

  4. I’ve always loved horses. The two foals are cute. They look very happy with their mom.

  5. I am glad to hear that twin foals are alive, and well.
    I am almost 14, and one day, I would like to race horses in Kentucky. I have only heard of 3 different times that twin horses were born, and they both lived. I wish you the best of luck in raising them!


  6. I am so happy to hear about those beautiful twin horses. I am a truly inspired horse lover, And I intend to stay one!

  7. my mare had a foal last night he is only one day old he is going to grow in to a great race horse

  8. They are so cute. I love horses

  9. I go horse riding evrey sunday. I ride a young stallion called Cid. He is very lively. Anyone got some tips on how to controle a lively horse

  10. COOL!

  11. last week i started training to become a great jokey i ride a big race horse caled pady

  12. I was about to ask “Why does she still look pregnant with twins, shouldn’t she get her figure back by now?”

    And then I thought.. well it’s been a little over 17 and a half years since my mom gave birth to my twin sister and I, and she still hasn’t gotten her figure back! lol. Stretch marks and 50 lbs overweight, at 180-190 lbs. But then again, it’s probably due to how she eats too, since she knows when she eats bad, she feels bloated, and when she eats good, she feels so good, and notices when she isn’t as fat as her norm. I just wish her norm was 130-140 lbs. It would be nice to see my mom as fit as she was when she she was in her teens, since she’s been big bellied my whole life, and it would just be nice to see my mom healthy.

    • LOL i know what you mean,.. im a twin as well and my mom hasnt lost her weight that she put on from my sister and i. but some people dont have the stomach that goes back to normal lol,..

      these ponies are so cute a girl i work with is from england and told about the new forest ponies so i thought id look at them over the web n came across this page.
      it will take a long time for a mare to get her shape back she would need lots of working out lol.

  13. Happy Hollidays! I’ve been reading about these two and they sound like the greatest of God’s gifts. I have a horse who is up there in age who just had a foal i felt so much joy and I’m so glad you have received these little treasures. I’m writing a fiction report on twin foals and i was wondering if you mind if I use these little angels for images. I would strongly greatful if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you very much and congratulations on these wonderful foals!!!

  14. wow 2 baby’s!!!

  15. wow! 2 babies. that mare must have had trouble giving birth. coz a mare at the stables i go to had trouble wiv her 2. only one survived 😦

  16. cool.

  17. the foals are huge!! But they are very cute. The mother must be worn out. Not only is having the twins and them both being healthy is rare, the fact that the mare accepted them both is rare as well. A lot of mares will reject one and only care for the other. She is a good mother. Give that mare and her foals the best!

  18. Omg SO CUTE!!! Love Horses for life!

  19. I LOVE HORSES! OMG! So cute and adorable. LITTLE COCOA PUFFS!

  20. If the mare in this picture is their mother she is awfully pregnant for having foals that young? Really….

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