Tiny Miniature Pony Size Of Daffodils


The miniature Shetland pony foal, Sedge, stands  surrounded by the nodding yellow flowers – some of which are taller than him.

He is the ninth foal to be produced by his mum Blossom and was only 18 inches tall when he was born at the Miniature Pony Centre in Moretonhampstead, Devon, England. 

He will be less than 34 inches tall when fully grown.

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Photo: Richard Austin 


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  1. i love your minature pony.my name celeste french and i have a pony called dude. i have diabetes. i am using my grandmas computor

  2. Hi Celeste,
    Thank you for your note.
    I’m sure your pony, Dude, is a wonderful pony.

    Thank you to your grandmother for letting you use her computer.

  3. I’ve just found your blog and absolutely love the picture of Sedge. Do you have any more recent photos, I’d love to see him “fully grown”.

    How difficult is it to get rugs for such a tiny – or doesn’t he need them?

    I have a little http://www.the-shetland-pony.com>shetland pony tack site and would like to put his picture with link on it to your blog.

    Also is there a site that deals specifically with minature shetland pony rugs and equipment?

  4. Hello Charlotte,
    I’ve not seen any photos of Sedge fully grown. I’m sure he is just as cute.

    I see that you are in the UK. Here is a UK site for shetland pony tack.


  5. I came across you post as I am a big fan of Shetland and have been training and showing them professionally for the past two years. Prior to that I trained and showed miniature horses.

    The reason I decided to post here was because of some mis-information that you have posted….The cute foal that you have a picture of is not a Shetland. He may have Shetland blood in his background, but he is a miniature horse.

    If you would like to see some pictures of the American Shetland please visit our blog at http://shetlandponies.wordpress.com.


    Hello John,
    Thank you for your comments on the little foal story attributed to be a “Miniature-Shetland” in the news release. Your correction is well put.

    Thank you, also, for your interesting blog on Shetland Ponies. There are some wonderful photographs of Shetlands shown there.

    There does seem to be a dilemma for some breeders. So far, I have seen them listed as:
    Miniature Shetland Ponies, Miniature Ponies, Miniature Horses.

    It seems that in England (where this story came from), they are called “Miniature Shetland Ponies”.

    In the United States they are mostly called “Miniature Horses”, except for one breeder in Texas who calls them … “Miniature Shetland Ponies”.

    Google presents some very interesting sites regarding this subject.

    Here are some links:
    England: Miniature Shetland Ponies

    United States: Miniature Horses

    Texas: Miniature Shetlands
    Texas: Fiddlestix Miniatures & Shetlands

    I would be interested to hear from others, especially breeders of both Shetlands and the Miniature Horse/Pony/Shetland.

    In the meantime, I have adjusted the title to eliminate any confusion. However, since the story is a quote, I am obligated to leave it as printed.

    Again, thank you for your comments.

  6. Hi, I realy like Shetland ponies.
    I think they are so cute especially coloured or tri coloured.
    Lydia, Sophie

  7. Good Evening,

    In the United States our Shetland Registry is the oldest Registry (started in 1888). Our name is the American Shetland Pony Registry.

    I am also a breeder from Texas. There are some of our Shetlands which are small enough to be registered with our sister side of the Registry…the American Miniature Horse Registry. That registry is a “Height” registry only. Yes we can have a full blood Shetland Pony that is small enough to carry Miniature Horse papers (38″ & Under). Some folks will refer to them as “Miniature Shetlands”.

    Stop by and visit our American Shetland Pony Registry…http://www.shetlandminiature.com and read all about the American Shetland Pony and the American Miniature Horse.

    Karen Shaw
    Fiddlestix Miniatures & Shetlands
    Burleson Texas


    Hello Karen,
    So happy to hear from a breeder that can add more information and clarification to this confusion.
    Thank you for your website. I added your link at the end of an earlier comment.
    I also visited your website and saw your irrestible ponies.

  8. Sooo tiny, thats incredible.

  9. hello,
    i am just wondering if this lovely, adorable pony is for sale?

  10. that pony is sooooooo cute i am just crazy for horses but i’m not that lucky for my backyard is so smll uc so i can’t have horse but with apony the sixe of thati could fit him in my beroom xoxoxoxo

  11. Hi there, i think sedge is adorable i live in australia and have two miniature ponies jack and squiggy how old is sedge now in 2008.
    thanks sandra

  12. Awwwwwwwww! Sedge is sooooooooo cute! I really want a miniature we might get one!

  13. I love your miniature.So, cute!!!

  14. Your minature is really cute. I wish I had one

  15. It is so nice like my horse numish funny name but this pic is so cute


  17. HI, I love your Shetland pony!! he’s sounds and looks like he’s going to be s very short pony!!

  18. the little pony,Sedge is so cute!!!

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